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dc80fbcd undelegate to
fa904b54 upvote @agdaa/1vx37f7l4
9c155cfe upvote @agdaa/1vx37f7l3
690d1059 upvote @agdaa/1vx37f7l2
8b6cf377 upvote @agdaa/1vx37f7l1
13664ccf upvote @agdaa/1vx37f7l0
e85cb2dc upvote @agdaa/1vx36f7l4
79a3739a upvote @agdaa/1vx36f7l3
2efdd6f2 upvote @agdaa/1vx36f7l2
e3f3de75 upvote @agdaa/1vx36f7l1
1dd1ca2f upvote @agdaa/1vx36f7l0
c6552551 upvote @ilinatat/b7z35de49
1c2ac678 upvote @ilinatat/b7z35de48
e18e4fd3 upvote @ilinatat/b7z35de47
f475af8c upvote @ilinatat/b7z35de46
89a57a5f upvote @ilinatat/b7z35de45
9d3dd0cc delegate 15.241 SP to
85db81fd upvote @bsk4wp/54g320m4bs
42a72f8c upvote @bsk4wp/54g320m3bs
2b76a7e1 upvote @bsk4wp/54g320m2bs
151c1c01 upvote @bsk4wp/54g320m1bs
99af0fde upvote @bsk4wp/54g320m0bs
eeb2dbca upvote @bsk4wp/54g319m4bs
46448ede upvote @bsk4wp/54g319m3bs
4a268b76 upvote @bsk4wp/54g319m2bs
ba8b9b80 upvote @bsk4wp/54g319m1bs
2a08f3ff upvote @bsk4wp/54g319m0bs
7988d26a upvote @bsk4wp/54g318m4bs
65e910e2 upvote @bsk4wp/54g318m3bs
71842e19 upvote @bsk4wp/54g318m2bs
1cf5f506 upvote @bsk4wp/54g318m1bs
1a80f1ae upvote @bsk4wp/54g318m0bs
3e892ad1 upvote @bsk4wp/54g317m9bs
d3cda937 upvote @bsk4wp/54g317m8bs
6921c3a2 upvote @bsk4wp/54g317m7bs
329ab53a upvote @bsk4wp/54g317m6bs
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c7bd9df8 upvote @bsk4wp/54g317m3bs
795a2046 upvote @bsk4wp/54g317m2bs
af0566e7 upvote @bsk4wp/54g317m1bs
2c8be0d5 upvote @bsk4wp/54g317m0bs
892a85d5 upvote @bsk4wp/54g316m9bs
01680107 upvote @bsk4wp/54g316m8bs
fe754e46 upvote @bsk4wp/54g316m7bs
437df6f7 upvote @bsk4wp/54g316m6bs
417a66e2 upvote @bsk4wp/54g316m5bs
316800d7 upvote @bsk4wp/54g316m4bs
a2107de6 upvote @bsk4wp/54g316m3bs
637c4532 upvote @bsk4wp/54g316m2bs
b0918f52 upvote @bsk4wp/54g316m1bs
59e69273 upvote @bsk4wp/54g316m0bs
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0144dc43 upvote @bsk4wp/54g314m9bs
ba982385 upvote @bsk4wp/54g314m8bs
59b80870 upvote @bsk4wp/54g314m7bs
bc6be0f3 upvote @bsk4wp/54g314m6bs
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