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{"profile":{"profile_image":"","cover_image":"","name":"Bruce A. Cosgrove M.Sc. ","about":"The Transmutation of Digital Currency into Unique *Limited Edition* Collectible Gold Coins Profiting our Company & Token Holders while Benefiting the Indigenous Community with #greengoldmining Initiatives.","location":"Globally Decentralized","website":"","signature":"<div class=\"text-justify\">\nALCHEMY MINING GROUP, INC \n\nFor the purposes of decentralization, enforcing beneficial market incentives and funding, we have created a Waves digital currency [AlchemyLGCoin©]( utility token asset backed by ***Limited Edition*** gold coins, listed for trading and operating on Waves – (DEX) decentralized exchange proof of stake, open market blockchain platform live for Crowdfunding. \n\n\n\nAlchemyLGCoin© utility token is a negotiable title of ownership in a digital crypto form asset backed with responsibly processed gold mined & extracted from our Ecuador JV underground gold mine **MINA SAN JUAN**. The processed ore is  then crafted into 2,000 unique one-ounce (95%+ purity) ***Limited Edition*** collectible gold coins to be exchanged to acquire back $USD 2.0 Million of our AlchemyLGCoin utility tokens in the Waves - (DEX) open market blockchain platform.\n\nWe own a 50% equity and board control of Alquimia y Explotación Minera San Juan Alquiexmi S.A., an Ecuador gold mining company with granted mineral rights on two gold mine concessions. ​\n\nThe Bella Rica Codigo: 15 concession has been artisanally mined and exploited by our joint venture partner blasting a 1.3 Km main underground tunnel “MINA SAN JUAN” with 2 extensions extracting ore from 3 identified veins of 7 known veins producing gold balls and dores since 2012.​\n\n🔥 **SYSTEMIC ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEM** 🔥\n \"Mercury‐dependent artisanal and small‐scale gold mining (ASGM) is the largest source of mercury pollution on Earth\"according to [Chemistry - A European Journal](\n\nEnvironmental Impact of Artisanal Small-scale Gold Mining (ASGM) in Southern Ecuador is causing considerable environmental impacts, the most important of which are related to the discharge of metals, metalloids and cyanide into adjacent rivers.\n\nThe majority of Hg emitted by gold smelters being deposited within 1 km of the emission source contaminating the urban areas with a mix of lead, mercury, manganese, and various cyanides eventually flushed into the river system poisoning the water and killing all aquatic life in the area.\n\nResponsible gold ore processing begins with our own gold ore mined from MINA SAN JUAN the Bella Rica mining district Camillo Ponce western Azuay province Rio de Oro Ecuador.\n\n\n</div>\n\n\n\nOur early participant Crowdfunding Token pre- Sale Event is live September 15th UTC 5:00 P.M. We are raising 1,875.00 *ETH ($USD 375,000) or Waves – (DEX) listed cryptocurrency equivalents trading on the blockchain platform. 100% token bonus. \n**Prevailing ETH/$USD value @ time of the token sales transactions*\n\nInstructions to participate:\n\n**DONATIONS**\n\nETH: 0x0a7C095B430742D96C723aFd5daE1Ef0F6ee3408\nBTC: 3BXNxbMX63P9CM36L4Fi9UTa9Uw35gNsKz\n\n[OFFICIAL ICO SITE](\n[TWITTER]( \n[WHITE PAPER](\n[REDDIT](\n[FACEBOOK](\n[MINA SAN JUAN](\n[LINKEDIN](\n[MEDIUM](\n[TELEGRAM](\n .\nThank You.\n</div>","ethereum":"0x0a7C095B430742D96C723aFd5daE1Ef0F6ee3408","github":"","linkedin":"","twitter":"","youtube":"","bitcoin":"3BXNxbMX63P9CM36L4Fi9UTa9Uw35gNsKz","facebook":""}}


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