Warning: Steem witnesses executed a hard fork on 2020-05-20, seizing 23.6M STEEM from 65 accounts. The funds were transferred to an account named @community321, the ownership (and intentions) of which have not been revealed. The witnesses claim to have been targeting accounts which defended against a hostile takeover in early March, but at least 2 accounts on the list have been inactive for over 4 years.

- Decrypt.io: Steem network to seize $5 million from its own users
- SteemPeak.com: Official Announcement by @softfork22888
- GitHub.com: view steemd HF23 changes

What you can do:
- Send exchanges a notice of the pending class action lawsuit.
- Switch to HIVE, the community-led fork. Visit Hive.blog and Hiveblocks.com.
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memo"Hi, you're voting for the witness @wackou. That witness is inactive now, meaning they stopped producing blocks. You should stop voting for them, at https://steemit.com/~witnesses, or by pressing 'Vote for witnesses' in the Steemit sidebar (top right corner). I'm a bot."
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