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5860cddd undelegate to
234323e9 upvote @tjdato/gf5b3745gy4
240360ae upvote @tjdato/gf5b3745gy3
8a06e9dd upvote @tjdato/gf5b3745gy2
da35bd6b upvote @tjdato/gf5b3745gy1
8e9dc9b5 upvote @tjdato/gf5b3745gy0
a6b437e6 upvote @tjdato/gf5b3645gy4
98c02eec upvote @tjdato/gf5b3645gy3
e4a52676 upvote @tjdato/gf5b3645gy2
4f75d76e upvote @tjdato/gf5b3645gy1
895bd474 upvote @tjdato/gf5b3645gy0
e3ddd8bf upvote @wptcm/q4v35v3d9
1e9cb7ea upvote @wptcm/q4v35v3d8
de832764 upvote @wptcm/q4v35v3d7
b552b402 upvote @wptcm/q4v35v3d6
8ff2c8e5 upvote @wptcm/q4v35v3d5
eb537691 delegate 15.180 SP to
bbe6599a upvote @leonpa/hq120m4le
48eb3d96 upvote @leonpa/hq120m3le
ddcb098e upvote @leonpa/hq120m2le
b2ae60ae upvote @leonpa/hq120m1le
aaaab6e9 upvote @leonpa/hq120m0le
160b324d upvote @leonpa/hq119m4le
7936b340 upvote @leonpa/hq119m3le
a52db714 upvote @leonpa/hq119m2le
540d703a upvote @leonpa/hq119m1le
9b31f173 upvote @leonpa/hq119m0le
ed8dff2e upvote @leonpa/hq118m4le
bb3f609f upvote @leonpa/hq118m3le
515d2dab upvote @leonpa/hq118m2le
a339bfdf upvote @leonpa/hq118m1le
c8d23ffd upvote @leonpa/hq118m0le
1f9d012d upvote @leonpa/hq117m9le
fc677126 upvote @leonpa/hq117m8le
1a66b37e upvote @leonpa/hq117m7le
33576151 upvote @leonpa/hq117m6le
bd2b2c89 upvote @leonpa/hq117m5le
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cb089690 upvote @leonpa/hq117m1le
eddbcd9b upvote @leonpa/hq117m0le
70f28f50 upvote @leonpa/hq116m9le
8f98ba6e upvote @leonpa/hq116m8le
946ef53e upvote @leonpa/hq116m7le
40cb9570 upvote @leonpa/hq116m6le
6d3bd510 upvote @leonpa/hq116m5le
bd9e5168 upvote @leonpa/hq116m4le
ffe9369c upvote @leonpa/hq116m3le
101d9fe3 upvote @leonpa/hq116m2le
a1f4fd97 upvote @leonpa/hq116m1le
d5327f86 upvote @leonpa/hq116m0le
7d877fd1 upvote @leonpa/hq115m9le
11fb2be0 upvote @leonpa/hq115m8le
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be31245c upvote @leonpa/hq114m5le
9ece9275 upvote @leonpa/hq114m4le
2be8d544 upvote @leonpa/hq114m3le
a5b5f4c1 upvote @leonpa/hq114m2le
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