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cc5bb0de undelegate to
faff0f84 upvote @tjdato/gf5b3745gy4
ffdc7ba0 upvote @tjdato/gf5b3745gy3
059f43db upvote @tjdato/gf5b3745gy2
2eab5ef3 upvote @tjdato/gf5b3745gy1
00483876 upvote @tjdato/gf5b3745gy0
f8ceef8c upvote @tjdato/gf5b3645gy4
bc731216 upvote @tjdato/gf5b3645gy3
e1df5d31 upvote @tjdato/gf5b3645gy2
64bda2e5 upvote @tjdato/gf5b3645gy1
e3154930 upvote @tjdato/gf5b3645gy0
85b87e7b upvote @wptcm/q4v35v3d9
c4a248e0 upvote @wptcm/q4v35v3d8
3fd7bae8 upvote @wptcm/q4v35v3d7
58d27e5c upvote @wptcm/q4v35v3d6
5cf39218 upvote @wptcm/q4v35v3d5
782c0511 delegate 15.187 SP to
4f1a87c9 upvote @leonpa/hq120m4le
8b6715d6 upvote @leonpa/hq120m3le
416057ab upvote @leonpa/hq120m2le
445b8474 upvote @leonpa/hq120m1le
66225e4c upvote @leonpa/hq120m0le
8dabbfb3 upvote @leonpa/hq119m4le
c28f79b2 upvote @leonpa/hq119m3le
6d89f275 upvote @leonpa/hq119m2le
730c7312 upvote @leonpa/hq119m1le
978edee5 upvote @leonpa/hq119m0le
32e8293e upvote @leonpa/hq118m4le
9a50cbdf upvote @leonpa/hq118m3le
949e624d upvote @leonpa/hq118m2le
8650d11a upvote @leonpa/hq118m1le
5c1e2cf0 upvote @leonpa/hq118m0le
c80f7b17 upvote @leonpa/hq117m9le
e93f34a8 upvote @leonpa/hq117m8le
7dd0803f upvote @leonpa/hq117m7le
3121401c upvote @leonpa/hq117m6le
edf9a472 upvote @leonpa/hq117m5le
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76a6f5a7 upvote @leonpa/hq117m3le
431016e6 upvote @leonpa/hq117m2le
2a46f895 upvote @leonpa/hq117m1le
239068ba upvote @leonpa/hq117m0le
af7ef6f0 upvote @leonpa/hq116m9le
0ff772d0 upvote @leonpa/hq116m8le
09c4804b upvote @leonpa/hq116m7le
3326cfa6 upvote @leonpa/hq116m6le
d0f970f7 upvote @leonpa/hq116m5le
9c38ca17 upvote @leonpa/hq116m4le
8978b53a upvote @leonpa/hq116m3le
2840285a upvote @leonpa/hq116m2le
be75e401 upvote @leonpa/hq116m1le
de15fc6a upvote @leonpa/hq116m0le
cefabab5 upvote @leonpa/hq115m9le
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2e5c03c0 upvote @leonpa/hq115m0le
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9537e7d3 upvote @leonpa/hq114m6le
e6b13ef6 upvote @leonpa/hq114m5le
1406cc35 upvote @leonpa/hq114m4le
85167e85 upvote @leonpa/hq114m3le
3ec37aa6 upvote @leonpa/hq114m2le
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