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30aa2e1d transfer 0.003 STEEM to Dear @creatingutopia. Please correct me if I remember wrong, but as far as I remember we were discussing topics related to blockchain and STO in the past. I figured that you may be interested in latest publication by @creativeblue and @ulqu3, related to very important topic: TOKENIZATION OF PROPERTY MARKET. I found this topic super interesting and I would love you to check my own comment and share your thoughts. I will read and reply to each comment. Yours, Piotr // LINK:
a076564c transfer 0.003 STEEM to Dear @creatingutopia, I was supposed to have few days off and rest from Steemit, but @chbartist (friend of mine) asked me about small favor. Perhaps you already know him, as he has been very active on platform and is publishing amazing content. He is supporting small but great initiative (buying the wheelchairs) and Im trying to help him get a word around. Please have a look at that link and show your own support to this noble cause. By either making small donation, resteeming or simply by dropping some valuable and supportive comment. Yours, Piotr. // LINK:
0726dec5 transfer 0.003 STEEM to Dear @creatingutopia, I've been feeling a bit burned out lately and I finally decided to take few days off from steemit. So this weekend I will be away and I will not bother you with new memos :) Just wanted to ask you for LITTLE FAVOR. Coult you please visit my latest post and help me by showing support to several people who I mentioned in my latest publication. I would appreciate it a lot :) Those are kind of people you would surely like to be surrounded with. Very active and helpful. Yours, Piotr; LINK:
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c886f120 transfer 0.003 STEEM to Dear @creatingutopia, As every week I would like to introduce two great authors. Both very supportive and responsive and creating high quality content. Im doing my best to support their work and I hope you could find any of those 2 authors interesting: @EDGARARE1 in his latest publication "Treasures Found on the Edge of the Road" shares his knowledge about benefits of meditation. On the other hand @JUANMOLINA published great piece about "Blockchain in Switzerland" - IT'S A MUST READ! :) Hope you will enjoy. I seriously did :) Yours, Piotr
f1a9d11c transfer 0.003 STEEM to Dear @creatingutopia, For past several weeks I've been trying to promote content I found interesting and created by people I value and respect. Pretty much once a week Im sending some memo with my recommendation and link. This is my strategy to help our little community to grow. I would like to thank you for your current support. REMEMBER THAT SUPPORT WORKS BOTH WAYS. If you would ever publish something related to blockchain,crypto,economy, AI or human psychology then send me email/memo with link and I will definetly read it and support with upvote and comment. // IMPORTANT: I'm only sending you this wallet memo because we know each other (we've been engaging in the past). Hope you don't mind. If you do then please let me know and I will remove you from my contact list. Yours, Piotr
f4cb403a transfer 0.003 STEEM to Dear @creatingutopia. For past few weeks I've been promoting quality content of those who I found very supportive and active here on Steemit and so far results of our efforts as a community are quite amazing. This week I wanted to help @achim03 and @blockshine to get some exposure to their latest publications. Check out @achim03 post "How to use Steemit to make your website more visible on search engines". And don't forget to visit also publication by Daniel from @blockshine as he is sharing his experience in blockchain industry. Yours, Piotr
4dc2a45c transfer 0.003 STEEM to Dear @creatingutopia. I've small great news. I just had a dinner with a friend who is willing to support our community and will delegate 2000 SP total to group of around 70-80 people. So by end of this month I should get you some portion of this delegation :) It may be small thing but it's always great to see other people getting involved. // ps. I'm also trying to SUPPORT TWO ACTIVE WRITERS: @kryptarion and @reverseacid - perhaps you could help me and visit those 2 accounts, see if you can find anything interesting and perhaps show your supprt.
18ff9025 transfer 0.003 STEEM to Dear @creatingutopia, Friend of mine published interesting post about future of LCO, which he believe will be bigger than STO. I know you've been engaging with me in topics related to STO before so I figured that perhaps you could visit this post and share your view (read my comment as well) on that particular topic. Yours, Piotr // LINK:
72bcf045 transfer 0.002 STEEM to Hi @creatingutopia. Have you ever wondered what is the future of internet? How Blockchain and AI can collaborate in order to make it a better place? If so, you may be interested in my latest post:
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a7617561 transfer 0.002 STEEM to And obviously. have a great Xmas and hopefully upcoming 2019 will be good for you. All the best, Piotr :)
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4edcb6b3 transfer 0.003 STEEM to Hi @creatingutopia. Please corrent me if I'm wrong , but I remember reading lately one of your comments related to STO. Just now friend of mine published interesting post about that topic and I figured I may share it with you. Together with author @ulqu3 we will surely read and reply to all comments. Hope you will find his work valuable. Yours,Piotr; LINK:
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1293be61 transfer 0.003 STEEM to Hi @creatingutopia, Perhaps you've noticed that I delegated some STEEM POWER to you. Just wanted to let you know that I decided to extend period of that delegation by 1 month (till end of feb 2019). Reading and replying to all comments took me over 30hours and I'm not ready to go through that again anytime soon ;) I already feel like a ZOMBIE. Anyway, now you should be able to comment/post without waiting so long to recharge your RC. That's main idea of my support. Ps. Check my latest post ;) You may like my new idea of building engagement within our little community. Yours, Piotr
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e6765c2b transfer 0.003 STEEM to Dear @creatingutopia. Im not sure if I had a chance to say THANK YOU for resteeming one of my latest posts. I really appreciate your support. It means a lot to me. Have a great day :) Yours, Piotr
8bfa5706 transfer 0.003 STEEM to Dear friend. I just had a pleasure to read interesting post by @crypto.hype related to future of PRIVACY ON BLOCKCHAIN and I would like to share link to this publication with you. Hope you can share your thoughts on this particular subject, as I really would like to know what's your opinion. Especially Im curious if you would agree with my comment (ps. I'm reading all replies). Yours, Piotr. LINK:
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874f47b2 transfer 0.003 STEEM to It's me again :) I would also like to ask you to show your extra support to @chbartist and @hatu since they both made my delegations possible. Visit their latests publications: 1) @chbartist just published great post "Building Bridges; How Do We Make Valuable Connections in Life?" and it's really worth to read it. 2) At the same time @hatu is doing some serious giveaway in his latest post. /// ps. I will do my best to read and reply to all your comments. Especially if you would mentioned my name (so I will receive notification). Let's build our strong little community together! :) Yours, Piotr
1329f002 transfer 0.003 STEEM to Dear @creatingutopia, just a small update about promised delegations. I will delegate SP to you on tuesday. I've selected already 85 people which I want to support which means that I need 40SP * 85 = 3400 SP. I don't have that much so I need to buy a little bit extra today or tomorrow. I seriously didn't expect such a huge response and even reading and replying to all comments took me already over 30h. I guess Steemit is not a ghost town after all :) And please remember about visiting that link I gaved you before: /// Show your support with some valuable comments. This is indeed empty profile but it─ůs following few of my biggest supporters and that link is showing their recent publications (newsfeed). Yours. Piotr
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a0bc776d transfer 0.003 STEEM to OMG OMG. I'm sorry for previous memo with only link. My mistake. I wanted to share post created by my good friend of mine @neavvy (very young Polish blogger), who published post about Security Tokens and Polymath. Im trying to help him get some exposure and I would be grateful if you could drop a comment (or two;). Somehow I only send memo with link :( Please don't be mad. Yours, Piotr
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907fc6eb transfer 0.004 STEEM to I just noticed that you've resteemed my latest post. Thank you for that. I really appreciate your support. Cheers, Piotr
205b6518 transfer 0.004 STEEM to Hi @creatingutopia, I would like to thank you for droping a comment at my latest post (the one related to 1200SP delegation). There has been over 200 people commenting it so it's going to take me a day or two to read and reply to all of them :) It's great. Steemit isn't such a ghost town after all :) Yours, Piotr
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virtual author reward: 0.007 SBD, 1.974 STEEM and 2.003 SP for @creatingutopia/re-dstors-giving-is-healin…
3c56a432 transfer 0.002 STEEM to Hi @creatingutopia. Im sending this memo to you only because you're following me. I hope you don't mind. Currently Im trying to find a ways to support crypto community here on Steemit and I decided to delegate 1200 SP to curators and solid bloggers. Perhaps this is something that you would find interesting. Please check out my latest post: , Yours, Piotr
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dd6dfd45 transfer 0.003 STEEM to Hi there, together with @focygray we would like to invite you to his latest article about future of Security Tokens in crypto space. We hope you don't mind receiving this memo. Enjoy reading and please drop a comment if you consider this post valuable:
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