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792ab3bc Fulltimegeek transfer 0.060 STEEM to Not sure what you're doing after this venture but I hope it's to continue fighting for the liberation of humanity.
3dd258be Araki transfer 1 STEEM to Some people just know how to bring out the best in others, you are one of those Dan, you have clear positive affect in people around you, they believe in you and love you, although you are usually serious and don't talk to much. It is hard for me and them to accept that you already gone . Wish you all the best Dan.
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5841bbcd Surpassinggoogle transfer 1 STEEM to I Dan, i didn't get to you much but i respect you. You are up there and a really grown solid man. Sometimes, i feel like lesser human, when i do something with this God-given special gifts that humans have. I respect you, not to lie:
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