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e9bc78a0 Alxgraham transfer 1 SBD to I know you see this shit as revolutionary at its core. I hope that you are the type, despite the advanced nature of your building, to almost expect, or at least desire, large surprises. I would have "published" on steem, and i guess i still could, but most everyone is looking down for pieces of silver on the ground. I tend to think you look up dan. And that you're the kind of man who appreciates all sorts of hyper bright minds. I do have one of those. I'm not "rich" because i had a patron who let me "invent, invent, invent". I could really use a brilliant "In", to something so open as the EOSphere appears to potentially be. With Great Content, steem could facilitate a great publishing house, and it could one day be said, that it "it wasn't what their chain could do for them, but what they could do for [through] their chain". The world is going to change. I feel like maybe eos could possibly be a truly great spine for the coalescing of great intelligences, and even definitely revolutionary ventures. It'd literally take very few minutes of real time for a man such as yourself, to see the value of bringing one such as myself, to a brand new chain, which i'd imagine will be brilliantly able, to facilitate "City-Zen Sourcing", and help kickstart the true "Patron Age". I know what supporting the right kinds of artists can do. LMK. Alx G
9476b340 Alxgraham transfer 1 SBD to I'm an arguably visionary "kid", who's been inventing shit for years with a "Patron", and i'd like to open source the whole f_cking thing. Steem is fun but IDK, it doesn't seem that capable of facilitating the development of the kind of revolutionary venture i've spent many years preparing to develop. Lately i've just TALKED here, about the ideas, using DLive, because, honestly, votes are a little addictive. Usually i'm working in my kids minecraft space. It wouldn't "Look" like too much if you just glanced, but i'm really quite sure that i can bring a collection of intellectual equities an the opoosite of a shit coin to EOS if you're interested. I'm sure it'll be super robust, but i also tend to think, that the more brilliantesque projects you get going on it, the better. If you had an hour, i think you'd realize the value i can bring to the EOSphere. I would engage in what i call "Open Sourcery" on "Your" 3rd? released chain. I don't write for machines, but i suspect that you have plenty of brilliant code writers.
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