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c4f2a7f7 transfer 0.011 STEEM to Dear @mrnazrul, I hope you're having great sunday. Perhaps you've heard about upcoming Hard Fork 21 (HF21) on STEEM blockchain? Some serious planned changes have being lately introduced and @gandhibaba opened important discussion related to this issue. We both seem to have different views on "NEW, 50/50 CURATION REWARD MODEL" and I would love to hear your opinion. I read all comments. Yours, Piotr //
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f3a07304 transfer 0.003 STEEM to Hi @mrnazrul, it's a great pleasure to say hello from Venezuela, I just want to let you know that I'm adding efforts and promoting STEEM and SBD so that it is listed in coinswitch, we must make our coins can be in many purses. here I leave the link of my publication LINK Please, if this type of message bothers you, let me know and I will not send you any more.
e0712eaf transfer 0.003 STEEM to Dear @mrnazrul, Perhaps you've heard about Steemit competition created by founders of EOS? Platform called VOICE? I found out about this project recently and I quickly realized that most people seem to be very optimistic about it. Only few minutes ago I've read publication by @libertyacademy where he is sharing his concerns and "red flags" related to Perhaps you will find this topic interesting (as I did). I read and upvote all interesting comments. Yours, Piotr // LINK:
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