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53c0f9de Ned update account data (show details)
json_metadata"{"profile":{"profile_image":"","location":"Welcome to Steemit!","name":"ned"}}"
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4ef1f6e5 Joshvel transfer 0.001 SBD to Sir @ned first I would like to thank you for creating, I see that you are not like Mark Zackerburg who created facebook and selfishly amassed great wealth. But you spread the income of steemit to the community. I am a newbie here in steemit and I would like to spread to good news of steemit in our country the Philippines. We are the Text Capital of the World where almost all Filipinos are using Text Messaging through Mobile Phones. Now I would like to promote steemit so that we could be the Steemit Capital of the World. I plan to ride buses and Preach about Steemit to promote it and give them some flyers. May I ask of your support to fund this Project of Preaching Steemit to Buses. Thanks!
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5f5a3827 Shla rafia transfer 0.050 SBD to I need you on this one: Text inside: Steemit needs many users. After 1 year only 300.000 is nothing. I can walk around with 1000 flyers and when only 300 of us do it then we would reach this number. If the product would be good we would already have millions of users. Enthusiasm is created when someone comes with a new idea which is groundbreaking. Now look at the growth. This is nothing. The product Steemit is so unpopular because it doesn't offer what the world needs. It actually is the opposite. The Solution: Every account gets 100$ a month for free. Not to get new users like with the current marketing (giving money to people who already have enough) but by solving the real issue of suffering: Poverty, hunger, disease. What is worse: If you can but you don't. People see this, people feel this. Steemit is creating anti-marketing every day. Let's change this and give people - everyone - 100$ per month for free as long as they sign in once a week. Don't be a whalehole. Accept that you were wrong and let's do some good.
virtual Ned author reward: 2.109 SBD, 0 STEEM and 1.468 SP for @ned/re-someguy123-re-steemitblog-the-stat…

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