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STM7zYj11nK6E1c6shrLCZK9PQWXd3xbcFXcuQPvRVx2kRru4ESB4 1 50%
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5c4a145e Leggy23 transfer 0.001 SBD to When will you guys fix the steem wallet? Its been probably over 5 months now.
82d9cc4b Khammar transfer 0.200 STEEM to 8480325739fd1da5
78c06685 Wawan transfer 0.001 SBD to
79342e27 Misterdelegation delegate 10,015.660 SP to
3b96e471 Therealmrjones transfer 9.177 STEEM to 2e0965ef4d8645afa5a
e2d03e65 Cattyboy transfer 3.145 STEEM to de3ac48c6b674fefb1f
63b256ea Sb1299 transfer 1.182 STEEM to ee178151533f007e
d60f481a transfer 22.036 STEEM to b0d1a8a694acc5c5
0080d54f Emrebeyler transfer 0.001 SBD to Hi, I am a new witness and you have free slots for your witness votes. Consider voting for me. My thread:
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2186f826 Fadly transfer 0.246 SBD to d0c8e98ce7022180
f75bb351 Fadly transfer 5.669 STEEM to d0c8e98ce7022180
6d24bc66 Lifespring transfer 22 STEEM to Please can you Authorize this. Thankyou.
3d6308ca Marke transfer 0.009 SBD to f7839209a37fd827
160ddb43 Karisa transfer 29.900 STEEM to f5c85a2d31a03227
b96a40fe Cworldv99 transfer 24.909 STEEM to 2daa5700cfea46a8
c145d81d Bittrex transfer 20.672 STEEM to 37d873520c9071fc
5dfa4277 Ljpaez transfer 6.393 SBD to 332f58c880ff61ce
1592b656 Smithmadu transfer 1.990 SBD to 0ebb9597216d8433
a0c56143 Texke transfer 4.517 SBD to Withdraw
47f6d2bd Smithmadu transfer 2 SBD to 0ebb9597216d8433
f7cfffb0 Lola carola transfer 6.231 SBD to ffda84f05f355e30
5daa4793 Yanisteem transfer 0.600 SBD to 977de3d051432e74
856f650c Adeyinka transfer 0.618 STEEM to d76db52c1975e719
9bd9fb4a Jonibro01 transfer 0.001 SBD to i want to lease 100K SP daily and give you 60 SBD.Please contact a kind person to support me🌷🌷🌷
3202195e Veganrobot transfer 6.121 STEEM to c788a96b41ec5fc3
37c53092 Lewisglasgow transfer 12.601 STEEM to 0f8b93d223a1fca1
f416e2f8 Smithmadu transfer 1.893 SBD to 0ebb9597216d8433
ee72e863 Flip flops only transfer 20 SBD to twenty
42b929fe Lig007 transfer 0.906 STEEM to 5ad8c7a9beb8248e
f8b554c5 Steem cool transfer 0.001 SBD to 656040cc697c00bf
3a767c38 Teukudianaulia transfer 7 SBD to 5638d3e2c599e58e
b95f0ae1 Smithmadu transfer 0.840 STEEM to d76db52c1975e719
ddb83946 Changelly transfer 12.896 STEEM to 7eedb21178613498
acb52f01 Sabbirr transfer 0.001 SBD to Hi biggest steemian, I am a steemian.My name is Sabbir Rahman.My steem account name is @sabbirr.You are the best person.You help us very much.You know that now a days steemit community growing up nicely.I think I also help to growing up steemit community with my ideas. My idea about I will help steemians by upvoted on the best posts everyday.I will create a new tag and say the steemians to create your best post with this tag.When people post with the tag I will randomly select a post and upvote this post with full of my voting power.But starting this project I need some SP. But you can see I have not enough SP.So I say you to please give me Some SP for that I can start my project and help many steemians. Thank you.
57557d71 Changelly transfer 21.796 STEEM to 7eedb21178613498
65a87bdd Omosexy transfer 2.222 STEEM to d76db52c1975e719
30835d80 Naijasteemit transfer 0.721 STEEM to d76db52c1975e719
85938c2d Johnvictor0202 transfer 0.432 STEEM to d76db52c1975e719
e4d9766e Adeyinka transfer 0.618 STEEM to d76db52c1975e719
cd8fed29 Bittrex transfer 1.840 SBD to 0ebb9597216d8433
7cb00557 Safriadi transfer 2 SBD to c53bb2cb089fa0e7
42416051 Zakir43 transfer 19.669 SBD to 273496fd73aa63a5
7299dc4f Ravik2492 transfer 24.981 STEEM to 80e5a8d8a439e034
c68dfbb7 Lewisglasgow transfer 12.596 STEEM to 0f8b93d223a1fca1
8f80c90a Livecurious transfer 1.912 STEEM to c5bc4fab453eaa06
751a4ad3 Karisa transfer 30 STEEM to f5c85a2d31a03227
88954779 Acehpungo transfer 1.446 SBD to a18b5e4eaf3b5657
a90c61a9 Antonireviews transfer 51 STEEM to c4b1fd27150442c5
a8a4dfde Lewisglasgow transfer 10.592 STEEM to 0f8b93d223a1fca1
ea13a7af Simoneighties transfer 10.589 STEEM to bf9f1b1501f6608c
d464d68d Lavater transfer 15 SBD to 9b91c167ab702220
94404467 Faissalchahid transfer 0.100 SBD to b767266713fc7b80
fa228092 Mahaelsayed transfer 12 STEEM to 63d5a6ecf0fb7f01
8a265e52 Lola carola transfer 5.734 SBD to ffda84f05f355e30
3ab7fa11 Michielderuiter transfer 0.221 STEEM to 4475a1384c66358d
c6cefdfa Steem.ali transfer 0.001 SBD to i need steem power for rent sir i am waiting for your reply thank you
70b18da4 Toxichan transfer 0.001 STEEM to IT'S BEEN 10 DAYS AND MY STEEMS STILL MISSING! The money is in your wallet! Give it back! Ticket #740535, answer the freaking ticket.
a8ef061f Aleoni transfer 50 STEEM to c096b752141e648a
82686baa Amri transfer 1 SBD to fdd8578d2393e8e9
0a153f22 Kryptik transfer 15.827 SBD to cb06ced36c6a4e6dae0
1b534171 Silvamorgan transfer 4.158 STEEM to bedd474aa47890dd
3d4ed9ad Thegiamarcos transfer 27.393 STEEM to 745191c551db3bcd
51a12565 Davidp transfer 1,500 STEEM to 858a95ca1c796e8e
44e9c4a6 Weldmaster transfer 8.118 SBD to dba6d987d4b5b77e
eeb004d6 Daniel007 transfer 3.771 STEEM to 66d920c18a71c080
981a0f21 Zakir43 transfer 0.001 SBD to I sent 10.147 SBD seven days ago. But not yet signed in to my poloniex account. Please process
c8812bfe Acehpungo transfer 1.379 SBD to a18b5e4eaf3b5657
2744597d Sadpotato transfer 17 SBD to 6c0af4be40d51a40
3c2603cd Tftproject transfer 250 SBD to b5692f73b27b3faf
33f04de0 Michielderuiter transfer 0.221 STEEM to 4475a1384c66358d
50fad130 Lapochka transfer 22.497 STEEM to ea0b184770789d6e
483c0202 Prepasimka transfer 0.906 STEEM to e6f2f8acda166995
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82546043 Uceph transfer 2.151 STEEM to 20e3a40d2ff95dda
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564e0f68 Silvamorgan transfer 4.158 STEEM to bedd474aa47890dd
0c65b02c Matchecahelo transfer 2.485 STEEM to ccfb6ecf1eea84f8
53ec165c Lewisglasgow transfer 12.587 STEEM to 0f8b93d223a1fca1
fc5ea60d Vyrl transfer 1.561 STEEM to cc5a0e96ebf96c51
d5089acd Bittrex transfer 9.990 STEEM to 17aad108a47bd77b
d7b6ce84 Lndesta120282 transfer 310 STEEM to 4dd4e6cda32e5aff
09fe8889 Dontfollow transfer 0.001 STEEM to
99c7fde4 Bitsteemit transfer 6.645 STEEM to 53cb7e4da025c20a
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e4779390 Shoganaii transfer 0.001 SBD to HOLD! DON'T SEND YET! SBD is currently under maintenance.
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de7f6af4 Cryptojess transfer 93.650 SBD to 2610a3564c995550
81b15d21 Seunglimdaddy transfer 5 SBD to 0225ec0e12bbc902
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81d27c43 Raphavongal transfer 3.616 SBD to cbdd4ce3d0a8cc37
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5984c7e0 Seunglimdaddy transfer 186.334 SBD to 0225ec0e12bbc902
ff6c8e6b Alphacore transfer 5 SBD to 1a064baeaaad60da
2b0e09c4 Namiks transfer 2.078 SBD to 7a832a8633a036c9
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f69da5c3 Deverons transfer 3.100 SBD to 743e53dfde3c6184
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cd5bb823 Johnkenedy transfer 4.032 STEEM to e4a8516831d52b3e
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