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f10578e7 undelegate to
324a60b0 upvote @tjdato/gf5b3745gy4
cc26133a upvote @tjdato/gf5b3745gy3
0b64d47e upvote @tjdato/gf5b3745gy2
91957a1a upvote @tjdato/gf5b3745gy1
db7808b4 upvote @tjdato/gf5b3745gy0
81777d15 upvote @tjdato/gf5b3645gy4
7137aef5 upvote @tjdato/gf5b3645gy3
1dbc8f0d upvote @tjdato/gf5b3645gy2
71529ca9 upvote @tjdato/gf5b3645gy1
3ae493a7 upvote @tjdato/gf5b3645gy0
4cd6c508 upvote @wptcm/q4v35v3d9
46b13c62 upvote @wptcm/q4v35v3d8
9e3bb191 upvote @wptcm/q4v35v3d7
78580897 upvote @wptcm/q4v35v3d6
9b47c1ff upvote @wptcm/q4v35v3d5
d47ee726 delegate 15.189 SP to
747aa38c upvote @leonpa/hq120m4le
602f3e72 upvote @leonpa/hq120m3le
0aa781f6 upvote @leonpa/hq120m2le
804336f4 upvote @leonpa/hq120m1le
b4fef655 upvote @leonpa/hq120m0le
51c9b864 upvote @leonpa/hq119m4le
685b7d82 upvote @leonpa/hq119m3le
1f023ef9 upvote @leonpa/hq119m2le
1d50c83e upvote @leonpa/hq119m1le
2534b035 upvote @leonpa/hq119m0le
878a91a5 upvote @leonpa/hq118m4le
bc61f52c upvote @leonpa/hq118m3le
e3a58b39 upvote @leonpa/hq118m2le
cd3ef16e upvote @leonpa/hq118m1le
51156582 upvote @leonpa/hq118m0le
5696606c upvote @leonpa/hq117m9le
1de5144a upvote @leonpa/hq117m8le
88f6c684 upvote @leonpa/hq117m7le
58925a17 upvote @leonpa/hq117m6le
a28d1f75 upvote @leonpa/hq117m5le
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e5bf1046 upvote @leonpa/hq117m2le
72aedbe7 upvote @leonpa/hq117m1le
d9c8e24d upvote @leonpa/hq117m0le
3d02a6e2 upvote @leonpa/hq116m9le
915736a2 upvote @leonpa/hq116m8le
8aec4ed4 upvote @leonpa/hq116m7le
829cf541 upvote @leonpa/hq116m6le
f72440b7 upvote @leonpa/hq116m5le
dc190b13 upvote @leonpa/hq116m4le
72fcd208 upvote @leonpa/hq116m3le
860e0131 upvote @leonpa/hq116m2le
c8035b73 upvote @leonpa/hq116m1le
fa1b4362 upvote @leonpa/hq116m0le
a8d69674 upvote @leonpa/hq115m9le
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a53e5782 upvote @leonpa/hq115m0le
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b4de1bb1 upvote @leonpa/hq114m6le
b24c1ad4 upvote @leonpa/hq114m5le
3bfda76f upvote @leonpa/hq114m4le
ae4cb8a0 upvote @leonpa/hq114m3le
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