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96458805 Giantbear upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (1%)
d343c615 Thisvsthis upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat
dc990456 Whatageek upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (1%)
a7d899a2 Forrestwillie upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (1%)
66debc3a Revostrike upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (1%)
8c3eade4 Driptorchpress upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (1%)
ed5b6e0b Toxichan upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (1%)
9df2c2fc Gamer00 upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (1%)
da356aff Konelectric upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (1%)
3539443b Andrei upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (1%)
e5fe37ce Denmarkguy upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (1%)
f9ffabc9 Barrydutton upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (1%)
65d443b1 Daisyd upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (1%)
1dfe9f6f Karenmckersie upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (1%)
082d864b Proctologic upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (1%)
b44811f3 Pairmike upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (1%)
69805b58 Darthnava upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (1%)
c1c8d7db Stray upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (1%)
6cbbd31d Picokernel upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (90%)
4deb12ca Tamersameeh upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (90%)
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993c843a Patelincho upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (1%)
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85a29b35 Error upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (90%)
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bca42d9c Idol upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (90%)
1cb75d2b Biodragon upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (90%)
df41b1ee Jocelyn upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (90%)
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955fecf2 Spaninv upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (25%)
bfc6236c Paco steem upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (25%)
23c4885d Stiletto upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (25%)
c83c28c0 Mata upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat
559fd5bb Originate upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat
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e4917420 Created upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (20%)
af005294 Angel76 upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat
b9b35c76 Toxonaut upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (70%)
f972f491 Steemito upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat
6c41008b Michaeldodridge upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat
36c94d45 Cornerstone upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat (80%)
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c71cec56 World upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat
9bcd7d46 Hello upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat
0a76ca7b Anonymous upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat
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37dc090a Rur upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat
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d6d78ffa Vcelier upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat
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14d9718d Abdullar upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat
699894dc Ramen upvote @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat
699894dc Ramen authored a post: @ramen/19-kangaroo-rat
virtual Ramen author reward: 3.738 SBD, 68.111 STEEM and 0.213M VESTS for @ramen/18-chameleon
122a2a61 Ssekulji upvote @ramen/18-chameleon
7adda488 Nik69 upvote @ramen/18-chameleon
virtual Ramen curation reward: 0.004 SP for @sochul/i-am-still-on-the-st…
fa25ab69 Gkfmxm077 upvote @ramen/18-chameleon
13255a2f Minions8282 upvote @ramen/18-chameleon
90022292 Typeautoer upvote @ramen/18-chameleon
6128e21a Gtk610 upvote @ramen/18-chameleon
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71e7edee Sochul upvote @ramen/18-chameleon
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0190571f Seablue upvote @ramen/18-chameleon (1%)
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098cec79 Timelapse upvote @ramen/18-chameleon (1%)
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c51b2a9a Konelectric upvote @ramen/18-chameleon (1%)
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b01ead9f Toxichan upvote @ramen/18-chameleon (1%)
d52e810e Barrydutton upvote @ramen/18-chameleon (1%)
63811a11 Andrei upvote @ramen/18-chameleon (1%)
cad53db9 Darthnava upvote @ramen/18-chameleon (1%)
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36cc2a7e Jacobts upvote @ramen/18-chameleon (1%)
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4cbcf82c Denmarkguy upvote @ramen/18-chameleon (1%)
c8b73e7e Michaeldodridge upvote @ramen/18-chameleon
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1f7e6dda Stray upvote @ramen/18-chameleon (1%)
cbafbece Busser upvote @ramen/18-chameleon
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36b2af9b Richardcrill upvote @ramen/18-chameleon (1%)
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309f47c8 World upvote @ramen/18-chameleon (90%)
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f31b96a5 Johnthehoan upvote @ramen/18-chameleon (80%)
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4f8e73bb Masteryoda upvote @ramen/18-chameleon (1%)
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25a8efc7 Idol upvote @ramen/18-chameleon (80%)
a9769775 Escrow upvote @ramen/18-chameleon (80%)
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9f39f31d Jocelyn upvote @ramen/18-chameleon (80%)
cfb9c225 Abcd upvote @ramen/18-chameleon (80%)
d6e2bed7 Joseph upvote @ramen/18-chameleon (80%)
3555c4cc Wang upvote @ramen/18-chameleon (1%)
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191294df Dedysteemit upvote @ramen/18-chameleon
c6f7db8f Very upvote @ramen/18-chameleon
dc25b39a Ramen upvote @sochul/i-am-still-on-the-steem-boat
c248fbc4 Dongu upvote @ramen/18-chameleon
5fd9bbde Ramen upvote @abdullar/sunset-photos
d83cd2ab Dubi upvote @ramen/18-chameleon
ddf8e201 Ramen upvote @abdullar/the-arnolfini-portrait-jan-van-eyck
9a0f9554 Ramen upvote @sochul/kizania-in-korea
15838cf0 Ramen upvote @ramen/18-chameleon
15838cf0 Ramen authored a post: @ramen/18-chameleon
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