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f05a9644 Girlsfoundation transfer 0.001 STEEM to Goodday sir, I'm faith a student of the university of portharcourt, Nigeria and a steemian. I have a project I'm working on which I think you would pick interest in.  It's a project named GIRLS-FOUNDATION, the main aim of the foundation is to advocate for the girl-child, to teach and encourage them and also to support them financially with the little we can.  AGENDA - Every week, we'd pick random girls to assist with steem (Going to market places, scouting the streets and helping the lucky girl financially) - Organising seminars to enlighten ladies of their purpose, power and rights.  The girl-foundation is a Nigeria based project which will get its funds from steemit, so I'm hoping to get any possible support from you, not majorly financially but also morally and through possible suggestions.  CONCLUSION  I believe that a girl-child can bring about Change in the society, there's a saying "charity begins at home" and also "what you don't have, you can't give" mothers are mostly the ones at home with the children and if the mother is well enlightened positively, she'd transfer the same norm and value to the children but if she's not, there's every possibility that the children might turn out to be irresponsible due to lack of adequate teaching and lessons.  Thank you sir, hope to hear from you. @faetee
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83f4cdba Wal.wal transfer 0.001 SBD to Hi brother, I want to submit a proposal, I want to help and develop steemit in my area. However, I can not give them more spirit because I do not have a high curation power. Maybe you can help me by giving a little SP delegation to me to be utilized to give the curator right to steemit users in my area so they will be more eager to work on steemit platform. Thank You ☺️
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c4b92fe7 Sosasees approve witness
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b90aa7d1 Elsiekjay transfer 0.020 SBD to Hi Dear, I trust you are well?We haven't had the pleasure of being acquainted(yet), but I just wanted to request you to have a look at my daily vlogs initiative. I am basically doing daily curation vlogs as well as manual curation to help shine a light on Newbie Quality who are less than 8 months old. Now, I noticed you have a huge heart to help out minnows and that's why I am writing to you. Please put me into consideration if you're looking to delegate some SP. I will be eternally & internally grateful. Sincerely, Elsie.
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