Warning: Steem witnesses executed a hard fork on 2020-05-20, seizing 23.6M STEEM from 65 accounts. The funds were transferred to an account named @community321, the ownership (and intentions) of which have not been revealed. The witnesses claim to have been targeting accounts which defended against a hostile takeover in early March, but at least 2 accounts on the list have been inactive for over 4 years.

- Decrypt.io: Steem network to seize $5 million from its own users
- SteemPeak.com: Official Announcement by @softfork22888
- GitHub.com: view steemd HF23 changes

What you can do:
- Send exchanges a notice of the pending class action lawsuit.
- Switch to HIVE, the community-led fork. Visit Hive.blog and Hiveblocks.com.
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f8278847 transfer 0.088 STEEM to sse-dexsiria.ind
47584cc4 transfer 0.373 SBD to sse-dexsiria.ind
8ab3328c transfer 0.278 SBD to sse-dexyusrizakaria.ind
239a64fa transfer 0.371 STEEM to sse-dexyusrizakaria.ind
ddd78db6 transfer 0.109 SBD to sse-dexlilisab.ind
790a27c9 transfer 2.597 STEEM to sse-dexlilisab.ind
6e614798 transfer 0.974 SBD to sse-dexfairusyusri.ind
ba2321f5 transfer 2.773 STEEM to sse-dexfairusyusri.ind
318fba8a transfer 0.809 SBD to sse-dextiaumar.ind
fe25f904 transfer 3.818 STEEM to sse-dextiaumar.ind
ece57e89 transfer 0.668 SBD to sse-dexlulu121.ind
5fde7341 transfer 4.047 STEEM to sse-dexlulu121.ind
0d5737eb transfer 0.888 SBD to sse-dexmariyem.ind
dfd9c417 transfer 1.025 SBD to sse-dexrikue.ind
8f0704be transfer 0.899 SBD to sse-dexcindis.ind
985f3004 transfer 0.948 SBD to sse-dexlinur.ind
9cce5a15 transfer 8.404 SBD to sse-dexladeen.ind
c996a3b1 transfer 1.462 SBD to sse-dexmutiahanum.ind
3f91e5f1 transfer 6.101 STEEM to sse-dexfardiani.ind
058e3ea3 transfer 1.620 STEEM to
52bb6471 transfer 44.999 SBD to withdraw
53868bd8 transfer 40.110 SBD to sse-dexafril.ind
de300474 transfer 11.111 STEEM to
c3e8a0aa transfer 45.678 SBD to
e04a2ff7 transfer 123.456 SBD to
27ddddc0 transfer 33.333 SBD to
3a3be0f4 transfer 2.222 SBD to
c7e3b334 transfer 11.111 SBD to
594e4f15 transfer 9.999 SBD to
fcfe2352 transfer 11.221 SBD to sse-dexlilisab.ind
939d69be transfer 7.861 SBD to sse-dexfairusyusri.ind
65b0ee50 transfer 1.660 STEEM to sse-dexlinur.ind
48d30cbf transfer 11.705 SBD to sse-dexlinur.ind
3d417fb1 transfer 3.821 SBD to sse-dexmutiahanum.ind
f6a1eece transfer 78.902 SBD to
50b620a9 transfer 34.567 SBD to
0a70172d transfer 12.345 SBD to
323f7b70 transfer 22.222 SBD to
8efb00e3 transfer 11.111 SBD to
4124bac4 transfer 66.666 SBD to
eeb5901a transfer 77.777 SBD to
52f0fdb4 transfer 88.888 SBD to
4870b4e4 transfer 55.555 SBD to
244d67fb transfer 55.555 SBD to
18fba586 transfer 22.222 SBD to
76484b5f transfer 33.333 STEEM to
bc096082 transfer 3.333 STEEM to
1d03abb1 transfer 2.222 STEEM to
bc05e11e transfer 6.016 SBD to sse-dexlinur.ind
6d52652b transfer 3.747 SBD to sse-dexrikue.ind
30d5c9bb transfer 1.670 SBD to sse-dexladeen.ind
533695b3 transfer 1.852 SBD to sse-dextiaumar.ind
2b58e295 transfer 7.196 SBD to sse-dexcindis.ind
virtual transfer 7.196 SBD to sse-dexcindis.ind
9b4c9dae transfer 7.821 SBD to sse-dexmutiahanum.ind
a7f9b3eb transfer 55.555 SBD to
fbae4b9f transfer 11.111 SBD to
978cadee transfer 55.555 SBD to
fbe5f921 transfer 4.444 STEEM to
8c003f55 transfer 33.333 STEEM to
f5406d87 transfer 11.111 STEEM to
e5a67ebc transfer 66.666 SBD to
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5da86c44 transfer 22.222 SBD to
9144555e transfer 10.001 SBD to
8e17fb48 transfer 11 SBD to sse-dex-akainu.ind
70632198 transfer 33.333 STEEM to
a82d2552 transfer 11.111 STEEM to
e851d981 transfer 55.555 SBD to
e2886758 transfer 44.444 SBD to
cb4bcdb5 transfer 1.111 SBD to
49e41a42 transfer 33.333 STEEM to
42a7bb91 transfer 11.111 STEEM to
abcf3870 transfer 22.222 STEEM to
569e146f transfer 33.333 STEEM to
bbe029ab transfer 3.333 STEEM to
0f7d3c76 transfer 2.222 STEEM to
dae3e322 transfer 9.661 SBD to sse-dexmutiahanum.ind
a9d01c81 transfer 7.999 SBD to sse-dexladeen.ind
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7d1e07a5 transfer 11.564 SBD to sse-dexmariyem.ind
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cd19ad44 transfer 1.001 STEEM to
9f7ccb02 transfer 1 STEEM to sse-dexafril.ind
28f8b2fb transfer 2.222 STEEM to
78a4a4c1 transfer 3.333 STEEM to
2cd5b73a transfer 1 STEEM to
466e9489 custom json
1a6efd3c custom json
e63a6de9 paid 2.300 SBD for 5 STEEM from sse-dex
7148791c wants 2.300 SBD for 5.000 STEEM (show details)
amount_to_sell5.000 STEEM
min_to_receive2.300 SBD
expiration2019-02-19 02:26:39
203c6d78 wants 4.700 STEEM for 1.974 SBD (show details)
amount_to_sell1.974 SBD
min_to_receive4.700 STEEM
expiration2019-02-15 00:18:54
virtual paid 1.974 SBD for 4.700 STEEM from wy8pq9lp9b6v6hih
eb8c6862 transfer 4.999 STEEM to
53fb0149 transfer 2.222 STEEM to
0760c8db transfer 5.555 STEEM to
1abc489e transfer 4.444 STEEM to
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f09443c5 transfer 1.111 STEEM to
19e243f6 transfer 5.555 STEEM to
8c2a5bbd transfer 1 STEEM to sse-dexafril
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58e0add8 transfer 10 SBD to
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318e4918 transfer 5 SBD to STM7LfebdpMY7tUm9W7dTKwSDx2Nh15XMzpCBSE7hVQgzu6AAuLPV
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8c6bf57a transfer 11.250 SBD to
a9c55669 transfer 11.110 SBD to
445532af transfer 18.210 SBD to
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69923d78 transfer 19.010 SBD to
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dbafc9fb transfer 1 SBD to
e3184231 transfer 20 SBD to
136c4730 transfer 5 SBD to
c07637ec transfer 15.550 SBD to
34149061 transfer 9 SBD to
9d1976e8 transfer 5 SBD to STM7LfebdpMY7tUm9W7dTKwSDx2Nh15XMzpCBSE7hVQgzu6AAuLPV
24d97193 transfer 22.220 SBD to
f17077b4 transfer 5 SBD to
a94b4b72 transfer 5 SBD to
0df1333b transfer 5 SBD to
acfd0b9d transfer 5 SBD to
35e7b3ad transfer 5 SBD to
62409377 transfer 5 SBD to
446ceb53 update account data (show details)
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063989c2 transfer 17.888 SBD to
71469874 transfer 11.110 SBD to
b453b588 transfer 22.220 SBD to
5cbafa4c transfer 18 SBD to
4b179cb9 transfer 5.550 SBD to
785c3d21 transfer 9.990 SBD to
bc8e4a78 transfer 15.550 SBD to
1137f0e3 transfer 10.100 SBD to
20b850c8 transfer 25.100 SBD to
f77c2063 transfer 26.010 SBD to
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ab502f43 transfer 20.100 SBD to
57413220 transfer 22.500 SBD to