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c18374e7 upvote @tharzaw/msod-l89
7a36d7ba upvote @gyika/maind-8
6a28163d upvote @linkha/minset
4715f405 upvote @wonyan/naidn
09ff1ae4 upvote @thuya/kin-geo8
d77015a9 upvote @khinphyo/khisod
e18a4d0b upvote @thurrein/larpoh
1934b907 upvote @tharzaw/note-for-s
553e8d0a upvote @gyika/naidb-kso
9e6c53e4 upvote @khayephyu/pan-this
9d95bdd4 upvote @thureintun/kso-man
2072e37a upvote @linkha/nayminnotes
d8b2128c upvote @wonyan/g8-30001
a50b6b9b upvote @thuya/mino-geo
ca606b5d upvote @khinphyo/mino-su-e
34753e74 upvote @gyika/nankhsn-s-po
50e4dc70 upvote @kothawpu/mainsop
e1b98934 upvote @khayephyu/mani-s
f15309cf upvote @linkha/mse-8gen
feacf3f5 upvote @wonyan/sbd-ht
4e7b96d5 upvote @thuya/kyaw-note
e8ff4f96 upvote @khinphyo/nain-900q
9ce5b734 upvote @gyika/pannsep
4a234c0d upvote @kothawpu/lsodp
8286a02c upvote @thureintun/9g-chem
2a5ad1fc upvote @wonyan/main-note
9991172d upvote @khinphyo/vu-note
81c40f5b upvote @gyika/hmwelei
85f61e65 upvote @tharzaw/msinf
8e2c8e14 upvote @kothawpu/kso-legyi
a7441ce9 upvote @linkha/lso-man
e2ae22ad upvote @wonyan/lso
51d2dace upvote @thuya/myaukkhinyan
a2f4d19f upvote @khinphyo/g6001geo
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