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cfdae873 upvote @gulnara/kq520m2gu
ff98c9a8 upvote @gulnara/kq520m1gu
27b73f31 upvote @gulnara/kq520m0gu
4692646a upvote @gulnara/kq519m4gu
0857581f upvote @gulnara/kq519m3gu
55b15559 upvote @gulnara/kq519m2gu
35ba9eaa upvote @gulnara/kq519m1gu
0b521074 upvote @gulnara/kq519m0gu
39698e2b upvote @gulnara/kq518m4gu
513ecb4f upvote @gulnara/kq518m3gu
aea99fcf upvote @gulnara/kq518m2gu
0ab2b92a upvote @gulnara/kq518m1gu
27f66ea7 upvote @gulnara/kq518m0gu
9feed215 upvote @gulnara/kq517m9gu
a20dc320 upvote @gulnara/kq517m8gu
05bad279 upvote @gulnara/kq517m7gu
85cab63b upvote @gulnara/kq517m6gu
291e7485 upvote @gulnara/kq517m5gu
da80e6a3 upvote @gulnara/kq517m4gu
fc212d16 upvote @gulnara/kq517m3gu
34f2e66a upvote @gulnara/kq517m2gu
a3884a3c upvote @gulnara/kq517m1gu
492b7fb3 upvote @gulnara/kq517m0gu
3278e7b5 upvote @gulnara/kq516m4gu
2f731c13 upvote @gulnara/kq516m3gu
e2e073d6 upvote @gulnara/kq516m2gu
621bf100 upvote @gulnara/kq516m1gu
f7e9c873 upvote @gulnara/kq516m0gu
b4b3a50d upvote @gulnara/kq515m4gu
293ec3a4 upvote @gulnara/kq515m3gu
d72d767d upvote @gulnara/kq515m2gu
4c2956e3 upvote @gulnara/kq515m1gu
a0da1735 upvote @gulnara/kq515m0gu
4fe22dbd upvote @gulnara/kq514m4gu
eeff7158 upvote @gulnara/kq514m3gu
8a70a24c upvote @gulnara/kq514m2gu
66412bb3 upvote @gulnara/kq514m1gu
4e401482 upvote @gulnara/kq514m0gu
88cd7eb3 upvote @gulnara/kq513m4gu
475e0346 upvote @gulnara/kq513m3gu
a251208e upvote @gulnara/kq513m2gu
4e5572e8 upvote @gulnara/kq513m1gu
15810fa2 upvote @gulnara/kq513m0gu
67b9437b upvote @gulnara/kq512m4gu
fffb4153 upvote @gulnara/kq512m3gu
6fdbf81f upvote @gulnara/kq512m2gu
a6a1e932 upvote @gulnara/kq512m1gu
03194bf4 upvote @gulnara/kq512m0gu
21338a76 upvote @gulnara/kq511m4gu
cda7fe25 upvote @gulnara/kq511m3gu
5cb1c4a7 upvote @gulnara/kq511m2gu
91385864 upvote @gulnara/kq511m1gu
7b9094a6 upvote @gulnara/kq511m0gu
ca87e867 upvote @gulnara/kq510m9gu
5697bd74 upvote @gulnara/kq510m8gu
402a2dd7 upvote @gulnara/kq510m7gu
4b1285b1 upvote @gulnara/kq510m6gu
a30caaaa upvote @gulnara/kq510m5gu
fffd5361 upvote @gulnara/kq510m4gu
1d18ea47 upvote @gulnara/kq510m3gu
0b17fac2 upvote @gulnara/kq510m2gu
f90982dc upvote @gulnara/kq510m1gu
529c0d3d upvote @gulnara/kq510m0gu
ed8ac868 upvote @gulnara/kq59m9gu
80b52cd0 upvote @gulnara/kq59m8gu
cba5a8e5 upvote @gulnara/kq59m7gu
3769e3be upvote @gulnara/kq59m6gu
05fec63e upvote @gulnara/kq59m5gu
a6e65b67 upvote @gulnara/kq59m4gu
97f2d409 upvote @gulnara/kq59m3gu
e4730ccf upvote @gulnara/kq59m2gu
ace2da54 upvote @gulnara/kq59m1gu
bd52fa03 upvote @gulnara/kq59m0gu
dbe53510 upvote @gulnara/kq58m9gu
7fcb68b2 upvote @gulnara/kq58m8gu
f63faef5 upvote @gulnara/kq58m7gu
cce5df4a upvote @gulnara/kq58m6gu
c189530c upvote @gulnara/kq58m5gu
3826c62b upvote @gulnara/kq58m4gu
e58d8320 upvote @gulnara/kq58m3gu
3db53535 upvote @gulnara/kq58m2gu
eabaecb6 upvote @gulnara/kq58m1gu
566262ed upvote @gulnara/kq58m0gu
b25dcaee upvote @gulnara/kq57m9gu
dd924442 upvote @gulnara/kq57m8gu
0a2f76d7 upvote @gulnara/kq57m7gu
8177a1b6 upvote @gulnara/kq57m6gu
f1464e40 upvote @gulnara/kq57m5gu
a4a57cbb upvote @gulnara/kq57m4gu
2b17b794 upvote @gulnara/kq57m3gu
83439b9e upvote @gulnara/kq57m2gu
a513a7b9 upvote @gulnara/kq57m1gu
7dac20a7 upvote @gulnara/kq57m0gu
19b2b3e5 upvote @gulnara/kq56m9gu
d45ee5b8 upvote @gulnara/kq56m8gu
9dad6fe7 upvote @gulnara/kq56m7gu
3819e207 upvote @gulnara/kq56m6gu
12a40d60 upvote @gulnara/kq56m5gu
3c020b82 upvote @gulnara/kq56m4gu
4976b588 upvote @gulnara/kq56m3gu
95c85139 upvote @gulnara/kq56m2gu
f9e70d0b upvote @gulnara/kq56m1gu
4b735bc1 upvote @gulnara/kq56m0gu
a893acfa upvote @gulnara/kq55m9gu
4956678e upvote @gulnara/kq55m8gu
bb1700ee upvote @gulnara/kq55m7gu
21c1dbc9 upvote @gulnara/kq55m6gu
0bd24fb0 upvote @gulnara/kq55m5gu
2dcfe713 upvote @gulnara/kq55m4gu
ccb974cf upvote @gulnara/kq55m3gu
a0161e92 upvote @gulnara/kq55m2gu
ccd2064d upvote @gulnara/kq55m1gu
01e89ffe upvote @gulnara/kq55m0gu
571b2b91 delegate 15.135 SP to
c8ea4fb6 upvote @gulnara/kq54m4gu
6b60e42b upvote @gulnara/kq54m3gu
c61156c6 upvote @gulnara/kq54m2gu
620328e9 upvote @gulnara/kq54m1gu
867157b8 upvote @gulnara/kq54m0gu
e1bb91c6 upvote @gulnara/kq53m4gu
38db21c5 upvote @gulnara/kq53m3gu
61f82eef upvote @gulnara/kq53m2gu
9a71fbcf upvote @gulnara/kq53m1gu
eb2cc98a upvote @gulnara/kq53m0gu
2c590443 upvote @gulnara/kq52m4gu
28000ce1 upvote @gulnara/kq52m3gu
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62c1f6c6 upvote @gulnara/kq51m1gu
564b2dad upvote @gulnara/kq51m0gu
efd2469b upvote @puxoua/ba224ap4pu
82940a3e upvote @puxoua/ba224ap3pu
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