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The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) by junior182

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The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)
This is a film based on a true story by Chris Gardner., These are the protaganizo by Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith in 2006, directed by Gabriele Muccino. This movie has grossed approximately $ 307,077,300.

## Who is Chris Gardner?

He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on February 9, 1954, this is a great businessman millionaire, who lectures and is an American philanthropist, his story has been many stumbles and sadness in his childhood, but still always had an inspiration in his life his mother Betty Jean, she was the one who taught Gardner to believe and have confidence in himself. He did not have a father figure since his father abandoned them, he had a stepfather who mistreated them, both he and his mother and sisters since he was an alcoholic.

Despite having a sad life on his long journey, he never stopped believing in himself, in which he could fulfill each goal. From being a destitute father has become one of the millionaire entrepreneur source of inspiration.

## Sipnosis

This story began in 1981, with a parent who invested his savings in portable bone density scanners, a team that was much in demand by doctors, but after demonstrating to doctors to sell them, they do not want to buy it. Big investment becomes a fiasco. When you happen to have a bad economy the tension in your home every day is stronger, he can not manage to sell and his wife starts getting tired of not contributing to the house. After a while this is separated, leaving Chris alone with his son.

In seeing his situation Chris starts looking for any job to get his son to go forward and they continue selling the scanners that he had left, in one of those he knows Jay Twistle, this shares a taxi, while Twistle speaks by tlf Chris starts to build a bucket of Rubik that Twistle has been arming for months, in that result he offers to go to an interview to opt as a stockbroker. 


Due to his situation he has to move from home, he is painting to deliver the apartment. In that his ex-wife calls and he leaves but in the course of the road he is stopped by the police. In that he tells him to spend 24 hours in detention. It is impossible to go and find your ex-wives to find your son in school. When he leaves the jail, there was a short time to get to the job interview, he leaves everything full of paint to the interview. In those directors are amazed by the way he appears, asks the reason, the beginning to say what happened, but at the end he tells Jay that the times you've seen him walking. To which Jay responds that well dressed.


In spite of these, the directors approve it so that it participates jointly with 19 people to obtain the post of stockbroker, although this will not be paid during the time that he is in the course. Despite these Chris is planning how to be in that course and earn income, also develops a tactical way to make telephone sales not cut the phone between calls, without getting out of the chair take water or go to the bathroom so be more efficient, apart of getting potential and valuable clients, defying the protocol.

![maxresdefault 1.jpg](
The things that happen to him of being without a house, to sleep where the night arrived brown of buses, baths, house of refuge. That does not affect him at all to follow his goal of continuing in this work, the relationship with his son has been affectionate, patient very different from the childhood he had. Chris never commented on his state of helplessness to his son or his co-workers.
Continuing the time of his test, he was looking for a way to study. There was absolutely nothing that made Cris fall, he did not believe in himself, covering the reality of his son. In one part of the story Chris tells his son that "**never let anyone tell you that you can not do something, if you have a dream you have to protect it. People who are not able to do something will tell you that you can not either. If you want something, go for it, period. " Word that every person should always have**.

![hqdefault 3.jpg](

This story ends when the day of the results arrives, he calls to speak with the directors. They ask him if it was very hard the time he had with them and congratulate him for his new shirt, he tells her that he put it on today's occasion. In those managers he replies that he will have to wear it tomorrow that begins his first day of work, with happiness and tears in his eyes Chris shakes hands with the directors and thanks them. Then he runs off to look for his son, in the street he begins to applaud the emotion, with the desire to cry. In this he comes to the care and embraces his son. The film ends the son continue walking and talking, write how many millions won in the bag.

This is a beautiful story that everyone should follow, that we should not decay in spite of things falling around, if not continue fighting for that dream. About of an exemplary father who despite his situation never abandoned his son, I always give him a better example.

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