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The phantom menace is the greatest star wars film!?….almost by symo

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The phantom menace is the greatest star wars film!?….almost
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The phantom menace is 30 years younger than the original trilogy and I think this contributes to its downfall. It suffers from something I call Star Wars nostalgia. The original Star Wars trilogy an is an all-time cult classic and because of this, a sequel or prequel will naturally always be judged against the original. Most fall short due to relying on the coattails of the success of previous films, regurgitated ideas and a general lack of creativity and uniqueness. 

The phantom menace was possibly the most anticipated Star Wars film ever made, this set the bar at a height that was impossible to reach. Yes, there was some awful dialogue and I mean bad, yes it had Jar Jar Binks and yes some of the acting was questionable. But it wasn't short of creativity, it brought a level of freshness (at the time) to the screen for the Star Wars universe. It also attempted to stand out from the shadows of the previous trilogy not hide in them.

The phantom menace was never going to have the same impact as the original trilogy and if biases surrounding this are removed, it was able to deliver in my opinion, some parts of the film are excellent and do not get the credit they deserve. Here are my four reasons that make it great.

**Part 1 - coming soon!**

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