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Get Fit for Steemfest : October 15 2019 - Hitting the Treadmill by littlenewthings

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Get Fit for Steemfest : October 15 2019 - Hitting the Treadmill

Thanks to mother's love, ever since my parents started staying with me I get some really nice home cooked food.

But that also means that I can easily put on weight as well 😅

And ever since I started feeling that my right elbow is starting to feel the strain and pain I stopped vertical leg lifts for a short while, and because that was my only cardio exercise (yes, suspense even for 10 seconds increase your cardio rate) I now have to resort to another alternative.

And probably because my body is starting to accustomed to the stairs cross trainer even with a 30 sprint-30 slow settings, my heart couldn't constantly maintain at the cardio rate.

And hence... I resorted to 2 other types of exercise

### Treadmill.... And this!

This position looks easy and even when I saw the men and women on it looks pretty simple, and I thought I have done regular vertical leg lifts would have trained my abs... Oh but this is a whole other level!

When you think that it's just a simple sit up with weights, even with 12.5kg equivalent suspension strength will get you realise that some part of your ab muscles are as soft as tofu!

### And especially when you have visceral fat (belly fat), this machine can help you out.
If you ever see such an equipment in the gym.

### And after that... Oh the pain..

## Oh well... No pain, no gain.

# And not to forget building muscles burn fat.

Time to get that extended waistline challenged to shrink!

(and I know that this will take a long time - won't be fit and strong enough for #steemfest most definitely 😂)


And as for the Treadmill, ever since I hurt my knee when I was in my teens and my doctor did mention that I shouldn't stress on my injured  knee through jogging, I never hit the Treadmill or jog outdoors. 

But since I have been occasionally doing squats with TRX I might as well give it a try, since treadmills do have a bit of impact cushion so it should me OK. 

... And then... I survived a 5 minute light jog-cum-walk, half panting and trying to breathe... 

... Achieving only 500m 😂

Guess it's a good start non the less. 

Too bad I almost hit 10K.... Maybe next round I can get this back up if I remember to walk a little more around the office! <br><img src=""><br><table>	<tr>		<img src="">	</tr>	<tr>		<div class="text-center"><b>9273</b></div>	</tr></table><table>	<tr>		<img src="">	</tr>	<tr>		<div class="text-center"><pre><b>Daily Activity, Moving Around Office, Treadmill, Walking, Weight Lifting</b></div></pre></div>	</tr></table><table>	<tr>		<img src="">		<td><div class="text-center"><div class="phishy"><h6>Height</h6></div>			<h6>158 cm</h6></div></td>		<td><img src=""></td>		<td><div class="text-center"><div class="phishy"><h6>Weight</h6></div>			<h6>56 kg</h6></div></td>		<td><img src=""></td>		<td><div class="text-center"><div class="phishy"><h6>Body Fat</h6></div>			<h6>32.5 %</h6></div></td>		<td><img src=""></td>	</tr> 	<tr>		<td><div class="text-center"><div class="phishy"><h6>Waist</h6></div></div>			<div class="text-center"><h6> cm</h6></div></td>		<td><img src=""></td>		<td><div class="text-center"><div class="phishy"><h6>Thighs</h6></div></div>			<div class="text-center"><h6> cm</h6></div></td>		<td><img src=""></td>		<td><div class="text-center"><div class="phishy"><h6>Chest</h6></div></div>			<div class="text-center"><h6> cm</h6></div></td>		<td><img src=""></td>	</tr></table><div class="text-center"><img src=""><a href=""><img src=""></a><a href=""><img src=""></a></div>
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