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How the DAO entered our life and we don't know it yet. by eddi

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How the DAO entered our life and we don't know it yet.
Nowadays eco-social movements have to fight on two fronts with the same weapons the opponents use.

- Private sector
Big corporations, oligarchs and other criminals.
In the book 'McMafia' investigative reporter Mischa Glenny, uncovers the global network of black market economy.
The shocking thing, and the reason I mention this book is the widespread adoption of this network, into economy and politics.

The reason this is relevant to NGOs, they have to put up with the backlash of it all.

Usually when corporations and criminals fight for resources and politics gets involved a big clusterfuck disrupts.

- modern sex and labor slaves die
- people starve
- ecosystems die
- economies collapse
- and the whole world suffers.

Despite the obvious corruption through lobbyists at the least, this is the chance for politics to make there move.

- Public Sector
Before we entered the age of software the industrial and hardware age couldn't deal with these problems any other way.
But these days projects like "The Ocean Cleanup", prove that positive change can have intrinsic value, we just didn't have the tools to utilize it, so the vast majority of commonly beneficial operations need to be publicly financed.

Nature conservation as an example is chronically underfunded and still needs government funding. The same goes for all other areas including multi-billion public-private project-coops.

Even worse, to be able to print more money and keep the inflated system running, wars need to be fought to create need for new resources.

- Solution

With decentralized tokens of value and a media platform like steem that rewards NGOs engaging actively in the community and leaves old economy structures behind, we can finally attempt to thrive as a global family not just as a country or state.

Free media like youtube in the early days made the free flow of information different, therefore helped us understands our socio-economic problems much better through the inclusion of billions of users brainpower.

Free money like steem could help us change the flow of money and therefore not only include humans and machines to the game but all aspects of life. Making it possible for billions of new users to understand and learn about the real values in life.

A real grass roots community with its own parallel economy that values differently.

If you liked this article let me know.

I am open to constructive criticism of course :) .
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