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The largest Museum in the world which is dedicated to the preserving of Guthrie’s signature folk music. by ambulorbis

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The largest Museum in the world which is dedicated to the preserving of Guthrie’s signature folk music.
By Peter Greenberg [CC BY-SA 3.0  (], from Wikimedia Commons

Tourists who are fond of speculating the records and the documents the preserve the history of American folk museum and its evolution in the 20th century should definitely make a visit to Woody Guthrie Center. Woody Guthrie and American folk music are synonymous to one another. Thus, this museum has dedicated its research and collection towards the preservation of American traditional music and the song lyrics and works of the pioneer of folk music, Woody Guthrie.

This public museum is situated at the Brady Art District, in Tulsa, Oklahoma on 102 East Brady Street. The inside environment of the museum is very engaging because the visitors will speculate real-life objects of the American folk musician, Guthrie. His musical possessions include his musical instruments, his personal notebooks where he had noted down his lyrics in his own handwriting, samples of his own unique artwork and creativity, and photographic images of his life history with politics and music.

The visitors at the museum can also see the short documentary on the life of Guthrie and listen to his music and the music of other musicians who took inspiration from his singing. In this respect, the Woody Guthrie Center also contains the records and sample works of another folk musician, songwriter, and American protest singer Philip David Ochs. The sample work of the folk musician will show the visitors clear evidence of his wit, mocking statements, insight, alliteration in musical rhymes and his unique voice.

Those students, who have taken art and music as their majors in university and want to research the folk music of American tradition, they can visit the Woody Guthrie Archives section in the museum. In this section, they will find a wide range of manuscripts, lyrics, memos, music compositions, books, autograph albums, recordings and photographic images that are all set for research and writing thesis. To get access to these archives, the student researchers need to take an appointment first.

The public museum officially gained recognition in 2013, 27th April. Before the archives of Woody Guthrie and his fellow folk musician, Philips Ochs were exhibited in the museum, they were placed in the Guthrie foundation that was governed by Guthrie’s daughter. 

In 2018, the museum authorities made an official announcement of their plan of including virtual reality Dust Bowl as an entertaining feature in the museum. As the visitors will see a dust roll enveloping them in computer-generated ambiance, the Guthrie musical works that are reminiscent of the ecological disaster will be brought to life.

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