AMEPAY: The blockchain project that innovates the POS transactions and giving back loyalty programs to the community with the security, adaptability and immutability in the blockchain by frankydoodle

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AMEPAY: The blockchain project that innovates the POS transactions and giving back loyalty programs to the community with the security, adaptability and immutability in the blockchain

Good morning to everyone! Today I will talk about AMEPAY in this blog post. I hope everyone is doing well right now guys. Cryptocurrency is taking the financial world by a powerful force. This force is factored by decentralization, anonymity, and security. Aside from that, because of the demand for cashless transactions, many people do believe that we should be phasing out fiat money and replace it with digital currencies. It does not only make the environment cleaner because no more trees will be cut, but also helps in cutting the physical contact between individuals which we all know is the result of the global pandemic crisis this 2020. 

Nevertheless, the AMEPAY team is giving out initiatives on how to make a transaction the same as sending and receiving value not just within the local municipality or country you are living in, but globally.

Today, we will talk about how AMEPAY is changing the financial landscape and we'll also talk about the different features and competitive advantages of AMEPAY in the crypto industry. Its robustness, dynamics and how it will interact with the users and businesses in a user-friendly manner.


# Introduction to AMEPAY

---> To begin with, Amepay is a blockchain project that creates a cryptocurrency wherein this cryptocurrency called AME tokens represents a certain amount of money in US Dollars and changes on the price based on the supply and demand. Therefore, this AME tokens are appreciating over time giving you more purchasing power. Aside from that, the AME token is fast and secure to use around the world because it is built on the blockchain. Specifically the ETH blockchain. This is the perfect soil for the AMEPAY to introduce smart contracts also known as trustless contracts because they do execute on their own based on the coding of the contract and the conditions it satisfies. This is the best use-case for international payments and Point of sales transactions! 

If you would like to see their primer video about the usage of the AME Point of sales transactions, check this out! 

<iframe width="962" height="541" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

# Features and advantages of AMEPAY along with its ecosystem


All right! Let me do the explanation and talk with about to the above picture for AMEPAY

1. Settling payments---> As what I have said a while ago, if you are going to use digital currency to pay, it will be a good and long term benefit if you would use Amepay's AME tokens. It does the transaction securely and it is immutable in the blockchain. No need for receipts because the vouching of the validity of the transaction can always be reviewed in the blockchain and cannot be erased. 

2. Crypto-to-crypto transaction execution---> In this one, The way on how the  AMEPAY token and its ecosystem is built, they are interchangeable or tradeable with other cryptocurrencies and therefore, a simple way to swap the ERC-20 token of yours into AME to be able to transact with the AME POS and vice versa. Now that is versatility! 

3. Transferring funds---> If you are a business owner that owns branches or a person who direly in need of funds will be amazed by how the AMEPAY ecosystem works. Because you do not need anymore to go to the bank and go into long lines just to send a big amount of money or funds to a safe account to another and customers will not need to text someone else to go to the bank to send funds to people or get limited by their bank accounts. Because once they will use the AME token, it is already intrinsic in value and will be able to send funds globally and validly with the use of public blockchain. 

4. Tracking transactions and avoiding scams---> Because the blockchain is immutable and can be publicly viewed, you would be able to know if the funds are really sent to you via the POS sales or via the AMEPAY wallet because it can be seen via the blockchain explorer in the etherscan or ethplorer. Therefore, no more scams can perpetrate in the AMEPAY ecosystem.

5. crypto-to-fiat transactions---> Of course, not all people have been adopting crypto industry and some are still skeptics. For the day to day transactions, there is still an option wherein you could make your crypto back to fiat with profits already if you are a merchant. And has loyalty rewards if you are a  customer. Speaking of loyalty rewards, I will talk about that in the next number.

6. Loyalty rewards program---> This is another exciting opportunity by AMEPAY because it will make the customers be able to reap rewards from their favorite merchants and get other perks by being an AMEPAY user. Each merchant can give promos of their own and promote AMEPAY as their mode of receiving payment.

7. Low fees- AMEPAY has the lowest fees tier in the blockchain transactions! Because each token already held a value. And the fees are too low compared to those online banking services and OTC. 

Take a look at the video below for more details.

<iframe width="962" height="541" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

# AMEPAY's solutions for financial transactions

A. AMEPAY POS---> Not only credit cards can be used for transactions nowadays. AMEPAY will be the pioneer in the age of using cryptocurrencies in over-the-counter such as in supermarkets, groceries and other merchants and stores that you could think of. Special mention is that AMEPAY will be the one to have the software and hardware setup for you! All are interconnected already. Amazing right?


B. AMEPAY wallets


---> Decentralization just got better with AMEPAY! Plus the convenience it will give to all people who will be using it. Imagine, AMEPAY team just created not only for the mobile wallet but also for desktop! Yes, you heard that right. For convenience and easy transactions of the users. The inventory system and other analytics will be there in the hardware and software to be used.


Here is a sample screenshot for the desktop wallet:


Then for the mobile wallets, you may go to these links to download it for Android phones and IOS.








Starting with the current trend, AMEPAY is the pioneer in this financial revolution! 



# BLOG--> Their blog is full of educational researches and articles that you would surely love especially if you are a cryptocurrency fan/enthusiast. 

Here is to their blog:

# Global locations







# Competitiveness of team from their experiences from top companies


My summary and take for the AMEPAY project is a 10/10 score. Why? Because the moment I saw the team and their experience in the blockchain industry. I was amazed and it made me feel that the AMEPAY is the 'real deal' when it comes to the facilitation of the hardware POS and a first in the loyalty program through blockchain. I would like to thank you guys for reading my post about AMEPAY. You may check their other details from the links below such as website, white paper, and social media channels:


White paper:


Telegram group chat:

Telegram news:






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