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3/14 ANDY HOFFMAN ( If You Ignore MimbleWimble, Do So At Your Own Risk – Fortunately, BTC Holders Have The Perfect Hedge in MWC Coin! by andyhoffman

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3/14 ANDY HOFFMAN ( If You Ignore MimbleWimble, Do So At Your Own Risk – Fortunately, BTC Holders Have The Perfect Hedge in MWC Coin!
I could not be more emphatic about my view that crypto represents the future of money, transactional utility, and numerous other use cases yet to be invented or even considered.  Conversely, I have been equally emphatic about my belief that it is not set in stone that Bitcoin will “dominate” – to the chagrin of “maximalists” who in my view, need to look long and hard at the state of crypto, and what it might signify.

Aside from the conservatism that comes with age; and an increasing belief the dollar isn’t going away, as Precious Metals rapidly lose all remaining monetary value; there are other reasons I don’t own Bitcoin at the moment.  One is my belief in BRhodium, a niche altcoin poised to make significant market share gains in the store-of-value realm; and another, the amazing opportunity at MWC, or MimbleWimbleCoin; i.e., the FREE BTC AIRDROP set to launch later this year.

People mocked those who said Bitcoin couldn’t have competition, due to its first mover advantage and massive, decentralized network.  However, the fact that altcoin dominance has remained at 50% throughout the crypto bear market should tell you something – as well as the FACT that the Bitcoin blockchain, whilst unassailable by scams like BCash and SV, has MAJOR scaling, privacy, and fungibility issues that have yet to be addressed.

Yes, there’s a lot of hype about Lightning Network.  However, even layman like myself realize it is unlikely to be a long-term fix for the massive Bitcoin network.  Frankly, this may be why the BTC price is having so much trouble rising – as otherwise, what could explain the length and depth of the bear market, 19 months after the activation of SegWit…which supposedly “solved” Bitcoin’s scaling issue? 

The dirty little secret of the Bitcoin world, that maximalists are too scared to even address, is that MimbleWimble technology is FAR superior to Bitcoin – as quite obviously, if it were available in 2009, Satoshi would have utilized MW in the initial Bitcoin blockchain.  

Maximalists claim all new crypto technologies are merely “TestNets for Bitcoin” – but in reality, this is far from the case; at the extreme, equivalent to claiming all new car models were TestNets for the Edsel.  No, the FACT remains that the only way MW can be incorporated into Bitcoin is through a hard fork - which given the size of the BTC network, and near impossibility of achieving consensus, will NEVER happen.  

Sure, MW could one day be utilized in Bitcoin with complex “sidechain” technology – but this could be YEARS from occurring; and irrespective, would likely be an inferior solution to simply using standalone MimbleWimble cryptos.  In other words, Bitcoin has competition – and if you ignore it, you do so at your own risk.

To that end, I couldn’t be more excited to be on the MWC team – which needs to be paid attention to, for many reasons.  For one, its founder and lead dev, Chris Gilliard, believes as strongly in Bitcoin as anyone else.  However, he is a brilliant coder and crypto visionary – who completely understands the threat, and opportunity, MimbleWimble poses.  Not to mention, the failings of the initial MW cryptos, Grin and Beam - which have clearly been created with the principal goal of enriching those who launched them; with essentially no supply constraints, to boot.  

To that end, please read Chris’ latest brilliant article, about the scaling, privacy, and fungibility issues Bitcoin faces; the opportunity to solve these issues with MimbleWimble; and the superior investment properties that our new coin – the FREE BTC AIRDROP MWC – will have relative to Grin and Beam.  Trust me, after reading it, if you simply have an open mind, you will realize that if you ignore MimbleWimble, you do so at your own risk – and that fortunately, Bitcoin holders have the perfect hedge in MWC coin!

Now that MWC’s Discord room is open, you can actively engage with the extremely proactive MWC team – as we move toward the reality of what will be the BEST MW coin, that BTC holders will receive later this year, for FREE.

Stay tuned, as the MWC airdrop registration begins April 20th, ahead of the July 19th snapshot. For more information, please check out the MWC website, Discord room, and Twitter feed.
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