Aspect Analysis –My Hero Academia: The Problems Caused By the Legacy of Stain by dlstudios

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Aspect Analysis –My Hero Academia: The Problems Caused By the Legacy of Stain

So there will be some spoilers for season 2 here if you have yet to watch My Hero, so be warned. This article centers around an issue that arises from my favorite Villain of the series so far, Stain. He possesses an incredible Charisma about him, on par with even All Might. Saying the Heroes of old stood up to do what was right for the sake of it, they were true heroes. These days 'Hero' is a title handed out to anyone who applies for it, and as a result, people have forgotten what it truly means to be a Hero. Taking a less than moral approach, he not only slays villains but is mostly known as a 'Hero Hunter' killing people who have become Hero's he feels disgraces the names.

This is all fantastic, but one of the antagonists has a dastardly plan. He is going to unleash the Nomu while Stain is active in order to convince people that Stain is aligned with the League of Villains. His message was clearly blasted to the public, so you would expect people with Heroic ideals, however, corrupted and perverted as Stain's were, would flock to the League of Villains. Instead what we get is a group of fucking psychopaths.

Spinner is the only exception to this rule, and frankly, he's an idiot for not realizing he's working for the most obviously evil people that I have seen in this show. They don't even try to hide the fact they are just assholes for the sake of being assholes. Again, this is fine for a group of villains, but there is no connecting ideal to link between them and Stain. If they just joined up after the leagues' attempts to invade the Academy, that would be fine and make perfect sense.

But the fact they tied the people joining the League to Stain does a lot to hurt the story. Not only are you left with a group of villains whose entire existence makes little to no sense, but you are also left with the idea of Stain fresh on your memory every time you see them. Stain is easily the most interesting villain of the show. In a society so focused on hero's to the point they are celebrities, it's easy to see why someone would think the original power behind the term was lost. Despite going about things the wrong way, he wasn't going to kill anyone he felt followed those ideas which led to a fascinating fight with Deku, Todoroki, and Iida. He's a foe who is shown to have an extremely high level of Charisma, and terrifying not because of his Quirk, but because of the hard work and talent as a swordsman, he had to cultivate to even make use of a quirk that really wasn't that good on its own. Compared to what Stain was, the League of Villains just isn't that interesting.

That all said, while I'm a big fan of the show, I do still quite enjoy it. I do think something like this is a pretty big mark against it, but on its own isn't enough to ruin the show. Worth watching, just know there are times the logic here can get a bit wonky.
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