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What is Anise Tea? by esisit

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What is Anise Tea?
This tea is obtained from the seeds and leaves of an anise plant. The botanical science of aniseed plants is called "pimpinella anisum". It is also called "Anis" or "sweet caraway". It is closely related to the carrots, parsley and celery found in the "Apiaceae" family.


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The motherland of the plant is the Middle East. It was brought to Spain by the Arabs and spread from here to the Mediterranean. Today it is cultivated and used in the world, especially in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Aniseed plants can reach 50 to 80 centimeters in height. There are little white flowers. Meyan has a sweet and quite aromatic taste similar to fennel, fennel. Especially tea can be used as a great spice.

It produces rectangular fruits and white flowers known as "anise seeds". The body of the anise plant is vertical, hollow and cylindric. It has a very branched, hairy and striped body. Long stemmed lower leaves, heart or oval shape. When collecting flowers are found, there are seeds found in small hops, hairy, greenish-yellow colored fruits or composite umbrellas.

The taste is generally compared with liquorice, fennel and star anise. Oils are commonly used as sweeteners for seeds, extracts and teas in the form of sweeteners and liqueurs. Historically, it is preferred because of its medical features.
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