Watercolor tutorial part 3 by mikeville

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Watercolor tutorial part 3
I believe there is an artist inside of all of us.  As we get older it is more difficult for us to try to seek out this way of expression because we get too wrapped up in the criticism we might face, or many people don't want to try because it is, of course, going to take a bit of time to develop the skills.  

In my videos I encourage people to embrace the flaws in their work and to never trace anything.  The slight miscalculations in your work might exactly what makes it unique.  Some of the most famous artists of all time did their work in a bit of a wacky way and while we all know it is very unlikely that we are going to make tons of money doing this, it is an enjoyable experience just to complete something that it totally your own creation.

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I have a series of watercolor videos where I explain by action (I don't narrate yet) about how easy it can be to have a go using watercolors, which are basically the least expensive paints that exist and are very easy to clean up.  


In this episode I show how to add shadows to our sketch that we did in part 1 and then the base colors we added in part 2.  It is important to use a light brush so as to not disturb the color of the paint that we added in part 2.   I suppose the most important part of shadowing is to remember that the shadows need to follow a particular pattern to reflect a uniform sun location or light location in your piece.  

Don't overthink it!  Remember any slight blemishes can be the factor that defines your particular style and also if you save your work (you should) you can always compare your progress over time.  

 Both of these videos and their explanations can be found [here](https://steempeak.com/introduceyourself/@mikeville/hello-everyone-i-m-mikeville) in my introduction video.

I haven't yet started adding commentary but I hope someone out there can find it useful regardless.  I'm afraid I don't yet have the chops to be bold enough to speak while I am working, perhaps in the future :) 

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