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NeKro-inktober - legend by nekromarinist

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NeKro-inktober - legend
I continue the theme of the ink dead.  Read the text!!!

Legend of death
In ancient times, a boy was born in one poor family. When the time came for his baptism, the parents had the question "Who will be the godparent for their baby?" Due to poverty - all of them refused. Then the distressed parents among themselves decided that the godfather would be the one who first entered the door of their poor hut. They waited all day near the door, but no one entered it. After waiting this way until late at night, they were ruined by a dream. Shortly afterwards, death entered the door of their shack, and took the baby's parents with her. Death had to fulfill the last wish of her parents and she became godmother for the baby. The next day, finding the boy’s parents dead, the residents of the city buried them, and the family of healers took the baby to their place.

Time passed, the boy turned into a youth. Late at night, when the young man was 18 years old, death came to him. Having told that she is his godmother, Death presented him with a pot with a plant on which fruits in the form of skulls grew. The young man was given strict instructions on how to use this. If you pound the fruit of the plant and give it to a sick person, then he will recover soon, but if Death is standing next to the patient’s bed, then the person is doomed and there is no way to save him. And if a young man at least once tries to disobey his godmother, then he will face a terrible punishment!

The young man successfully began to use the gift of his godmother. He began to treat people for various diseases and did it successfully. If the young man saw that death was standing near the bed, then he said that the person was already doomed and could not be saved.

Gradually, the young man began to help only rich people and took money from them for this. When his fortune grew tenfold, the young man married a rich, beautiful girl.

After a while, the young man’s wife bore him a daughter. One fine day, my daughter fell ill. Entering her room, the man saw Death. She told him that the godson completely forgot her instructions, that he became greedy and stopped helping those who did not have money. For this, she was going to pick up his daughter. The man disobeyed Death and gave his child the fruits of the plant, but they did not help. He plucked the fruits every day, trying to rid the child of the disease. But it did not help. Death took his daughter with him. Since then, the plant has ceased to bear fruit. 2 years passed and the man fell ill with a wife, whom he could not save, since he did not have the knowledge of a doctor. So he lost his family.

They say that this man is still alive as a punishment for disobeying Death!
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