Vape Cat - 16x20" Acylic on Canvas. by rachelsvparry

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Vape Cat - 16x20" Acylic on Canvas.
![Vape Cat.jpg](

Here's another one that apparently didn't make it here before my sabbatical. I'd started it quite a while back. Probably well over a year ago. Maybe I did post about this and can't find it. 

In any case, long after I'd started it and left it aside, I received an email about it from a fellow in California. He was interested and wanted to know how much I wanted for it. I sent him an email detailing my prices to some degree, but mostly saying that I needed to finish it before I would feel comfortable selling it. So I spent a few days finishing it.

This is the finished product. I think I have some in-progress photos somewhere on my computer, but I don't have the energy to go looking right now. Just spent the last three hours moderating a livestream of my partner making a cake through Zoom, and my eyes are sore enough just typing this.

Back on track-I finished it, then followed up with California dude. Turned out he was, likely still is, in the police force, looking for some visual inspiration for his local law-enforcement team to crack down on illegal vaping. After he leveled that with me, and asked me to repeat the prices and those of prints, I responded with same, and gave him a nod to his career, Mikey's family having a strong backing of police work. Then I never heard back.

It is what it is. I certainly don't charge bargain barrel prices. Some artists feel compelled to ask for less because they can't afford to hold out for what they're worth. Not I. I'll clean a thousand toilets before I compromise the value of my work. And no joke, it's my good fortune to have friends who can pay me for these less ideal kinds of work. Not everyone has that either.

Someday down the road, when I can have art shows again, this piece will find a home. No hard feelings to people who change their minds. The other thing about price is knowing that the person who is willing to pay it values your work at least as much as you do. Easy to weed out the ones who don't if they stick their noses up at the Dollar sign.
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