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A new trend called "stitched tattoos"? by wiseagent

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A new trend called "stitched tattoos"?
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Although still very marginalized by many people, tattoos have already gained a very important status in the hall in modern art. However, this way of expressing itself is being modified in an "unusual" way (I have never seen anything like it) and gaining new contours ... The tattoos are being *stitched*!


The person responsible for this work is a Brazilian - *currently living in the city of São Paulo* - named **Eduardo Lozano** (nickname, "Duda"). In the last 3 months, this technique has gained considerable visibility and has made him the pioneer in this new way of making tattoos.


According to Lozano (who has been a tattoo artist since 2002) the idea to create this new type of art is recent and began when he remembered the time when he worked with designer prints for shirts and caps. Then, from that, he wondered why he did not unite the two things... And decided to innovate.


After making a few attempts and posting them on his *instagram*, he shared the pictures with family, friends and clients. He then began to receive encouraging feedback and noticed that the work he was doing was differentiated and special (besides daring and challenging for the competitive tattoo market). From this, he began to focus his work solely on "patch tattoos".


One of the biggest secrets that makes these tattoos really seem to be sewn is related to shading. This is the main detail that gives the viewer the impression / feeling that there is a three-dimensionality in the drawings. There are also simpler details (but that make all the difference in the final result) such as "loose wires"... They are responsible for increasing the work on your last layer.


Since the release of his first tattoos in this style, the art has become viral and his career has taken off. Currently working on *Tatoo You* (the largest and oldest tattoo studio in São Paulo), Lozano has already been invited to conventions in Spain, Italy, Germany, Mexico and Colombia... And the trend is that his work still get more visibility over the years.

Would you dare to get a tattoo with this technique?

**All photos can be found on his official *instagram***: [Duda Lozano](

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