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🔔AUDITCHAIN- Ready solution for your business. Real-Time Financial Detection with Blockhain Technology !📌 by carbodexkim

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🔔AUDITCHAIN- Ready solution for your business. Real-Time Financial Detection with Blockhain Technology !📌

*Hello friends. We will talk today about a new financial instrument to be built on Blockchain. The project seemed to be very interesting. The fact is that I have already encountered problems that this project solves. And immune with the need to conduct an audit at the enterprise. The draft that will be discussed today is called AuditChain, and it opens up the possibility for us to keep financial records in order 24/7.*


For those who have never worked in business, I can say one thing. That audits are necessary for any enterprise. Private or public. Pure financial documentation will help grow your business. Also, you will not have problems if the tax authorities check your records. Company executives and accountants are often criminally responsible for the financial documents of an enterprise. For this, every few years they need to hire audit companies to verify the enterprise.

> Audit - an audit of the financial and economic activities of an enterprise or organization conducted by an auditor on the basis of submitted financial statement documents. The audit checks: financial statements, compliance with the rules and legislation established by government agencies, compliance with legal and business documents (articles of association, memorandum of association, prospectus, contracts). An audit is mandatory, i.e. carried out in certain periods established by law, and initiative - carried out by the decision of the management of the enterprise (organization). The results of the audit can be positive when the auditor confirms the accuracy of the balance sheet data and financial results of the company, and negative when the auditor does not confirm them.

The main problem is that you do not see real data every day. You can miss the moment of theft of funds, or not notice the article of your expenses. The project that we are considering today is able to solve these problems.



A protocol built on the basis of blockchain technologies that allow for a decentralized audit 24/7 in real-time. The platform is designed by experienced accountants and lawyers. And the privacy of your business data is protected by blockchain technology. You no longer have to hire audit companies to inspect your business. You will have access to your financial statements every day. If for small commercial companies this method does not seem interesting. So for large companies like Coca Call or other global brands, this technology will make it easy to exercise audit control of branches around the world.

Also, the project team says that all users of the AuditChain project will be able to provide the results of the audit to all those who request results. It is very convenient to say the tax will require your financial statements and it will be with you always at hand. But many do not know that in order to take out a loan for a company, sometimes the results of financial verification are also required to confirm solvency.

Of course, any audit requires payment for this on the project will work AUDT token that will perform all financial functions. Also, the AuditChain team notes that the tariffs for companies can be equal to 0. So it is possible for many that to become an easy way to put financial documents in order.

<center>AuditChain demo presentation</center>






Token | AUDT
--------	|	--------
Platform | Ethereum
Type| ERC20
PreICO price | 1 AUDT = 0.10 USD
Price in ICO | 0.2000 USD
Min. investment | 100 USD
Accepting | BTC, ETH, USDC, EUR
Distributed in ICO | 40%
Soft cap | 200,000 USD
Hard cap| 20,000,000 USD



I can say one thing. The project looks good. Great idea. Which is designed for many years of use.  A real help to business around the world. IEO will help the project raise the necessary funds for launching the platform. I will definitely follow the development of this project.






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