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Block 14,306,324

22 transactions in this block, produced at 2017-08-05 10:33:18 (UTC)

9bfd6a4c Joanaltres transfer ["1", 3, "@@000,000,013"] to My little brother, @carlobelgado is selling resteems to over 9000 followers for only 4 SBD. He isn't resteeming junk and if I like the post myself, then I'll resteem it as well at a later time to help give the posts a boost. You can order by sending 4 SBD to @carlobelgado and include the link to the post you want resteemed and he will resteem it. Please keep in mind that the results of a resteem depends more on your post quality and how interesting it is than it does the resteem itself. A resteem is simply an opportunity to have your post discovered by more people. Have a great day! (If you are receiving this message for the second time, I apologize. You won't receive this same message again).
cefb35a9 Rishherbalist claim reward: ["0", 3, "@@000000021"], ["8", 3, "@@000000013"], and ["28,909,611", 6, "@@000,000,037"]

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created by @roadscape