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Block 15,637,463

29 transactions in this block, produced at 2017-09-20 17:05:39 (UTC)

cd5806cd Braveheart22 transfer 5.300 SBD to @braveheart22/this-is-the-decalogue-of-success-you-can-t-ignore-this-post-if-you-want-to-change-your-life
070e2baa Paulmerell claim reward: 0.000 STEEM, 0.100 SBD, and 212.170 VESTS
81d10462 Nickdavison claim reward: 0.000 STEEM, 0.000 SBD, and 45.318 VESTS
1b63ec70 Rea transfer 20 SBD to A small appreciation for your time and effort.

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1 virtual op in this block.

virtual Roadscape producer reward: 389.321 VESTS

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created by @roadscape