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36 transactions in this block, produced at 2018-04-12 03:00:27 (UTC)

dcfe6361 transfer 45.472 STEEM to 101304123
6f7a1210 feed price $1.915
fefc9e01 claim reward: 0.042 STEEM, 0.592 SBD and 0.379 SP
1f5edcbf claim reward: 0.124 SP
8a969433 transfer 0.009 STEEM to #3zUuZrPa8RPJFENu5Lb9Q3eJ4jAsPjfuW2qa4XXzuMzX7Xx8v1L2a6F3CX2FtofGoGAc37dgZfJVPhs6pbymMJRjwbFzHh7j5Qiskj3TtLBbNEKNRzzRXui7JjjbUX7uXDYB3dyzqK6eMBUrbaCvxnnMssw5xoMfUjL5zTWddXH5H
942eea35 transfer 0.001 SBD to SMARTSTEEM has some technical problem. It many times does not vote and does not return your money. But the worst part of the story is that if you ask for return of your money or complain, the accounts known as @clvr , @therealwolf , @smartmarket @mac-bot , @spaminator , @prowler , @kuminga, @blacklist-a , and @steemcleaners will start attacking you. There are a few accounts which selectively down-vote the posts up-voted by Smartsteem. You can check this on my account at .They have also attacked other steemians thinking that it is my another account, because I had transferred SBD to them (for selling, actually). You can also check this on the accounts of and .Once they start attacking, whenever you use any bot and get some vote, they will downvote you using appropriate voting weight of downvote so that most portion of your return is wiped out. Then you have no other option than to abandon that account and start a new steemit account. But, when you do that, be very careful that you should not do any type of transaction from the affected account to the new account, otherwise they will start attacking that account too. Anyway, your infected accounts can be safely used to hold your SP & SBD and to earn curation rewards. The best option is that, those people who lose the transferred money to SMARTSTEEM and does not get it returned, should not ask them and should not complain so that at least your account will be safe from their attack. Just forget that money. Now I am using new accounts and I take care to avoid any type of transaction or up-voting or similarity of posts between the affected and not-affected accounts. Even though they are attacking and hiding my post, I am using the option to convey this message to my fellow-steemians as a memo of transferring 0.001SBD or steem. Now I am getting messages from many others having similar problem with smartsteem.

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3 virtual ops in this block.

virtual return of 0.134 SP delegation
virtual return of 0.134 SP delegation
virtual producer reward: 0.198 SP

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