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34 transactions in this block, produced at 2018-06-16 22:40:18 (UTC)

2dc7e4f6 transfer 0.003 SBD to You got an upgoat that will be done by gunthertopp. We detected an open value of 0.006$, worth 0.003 SBD in send and refunding that! Request-Id: 1323166
24a40c0c update account data (show details)
json_metadata"{"profile":{"about":"I love to share about life and I would like to learn about life from others too.","profile_image":"","cover_image":"","name":"Juika Frederica","location":"Sabah @ Land below the wind","website":""}}"
ee064338 claim reward: 0.006 SP
8d690039 transfer 0.230 STEEM to Congratulations, you won! Your bet: lower 85; Result: 75.66 (Block 23384360)
74778d34 transfer 0.002 STEEM to Curator Reward

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5 virtual ops in this block.

virtual producer reward: 0.200 SP
virtual curation reward: 0.007 SP for @twinpapa/re-bitcoingodperso…
virtual author reward: 0.010 SBD, 0.005 STEEM and 0.012 SP for @twinpapa/re-bitcoingodperson-13-20180609t…
virtual withdraw 0.078 SP as 0.077 STEEM to zlo (show details)
withdrawn157.066582 VESTS
deposited0.077 STEEM
virtual withdraw 0.000 SP as 0 STEEM (show details)
withdrawn0.000000 VESTS
deposited0.000 STEEM

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