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50 transactions in this block, produced at 2018-07-11 12:43:57 (UTC)

710c8136 cancel order #1531312689
d58f43f0 transfer 0.010 SBD to
0761bdab comment options: 100.0% SBD, allow votes: true, allow curation rewards: true

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5 virtual ops in this block.

virtual producer reward: 1.007 SP
virtual curation reward: 0.085 SP for @ionutciobanu/england-beats-…
virtual curation reward: 0.017 SP for @ionutciobanu/england-beats-…
virtual curation reward: 0.001 SP for @ionutciobanu/england-beats-…
virtual author reward: 0.274 SBD, 0.210 STEEM and 0.396 SP for @ionutciobanu/england-beats-colombia-hard

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