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Block 24,120,792

43 transactions in this block, produced at 2018-07-12 20:47:15 (UTC)

57860198 Aleex claim reward: 0.514 STEEM, 0.284 SBD, and 1,511.467 VESTS
61f61f10 Hawaj transfer 1 STEEM to

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7 virtual ops in this block.

virtual Followbtcnews producer reward: 403.730 VESTS
virtual Alexbeyman curation reward: 32.461 VESTS for @empress-eremmy/re-alexbeyma…
virtual Empress eremmy author reward: 0.019 SBD, 0.037 STEEM and 107.527 VESTS for @empress-eremmy/re-alexbeyman-original-nov…
virtual Novacadian curation reward: 12.173 VESTS for @nananini/your-lucky-photos-…
virtual Nananini author reward: 0.025 SBD, 0.048 STEEM and 135.930 VESTS for @nananini/your-lucky-photos-up-up

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created by @roadscape