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Block 24,134,489

31 transactions in this block, produced at 2018-07-13 08:12:33 (UTC)

61f55642 Schlees vest 4.760 STEEM
ce5efdb6 Dtube.rewards transfer 0.004 STEEM to Curator Reward

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6 virtual ops in this block.

virtual Teamsteem producer reward: 2,026.713 VESTS
virtual Dailyupvotes curation reward: 62.892 VESTS for @gabbynhice/my-paprika-plant
virtual Agneslaczo curation reward: 46.661 VESTS for @gabbynhice/my-paprika-plant
virtual Drotto curation reward: 32.460 VESTS for @gabbynhice/my-paprika-plant
virtual Minnowhelper curation reward: 26.374 VESTS for @gabbynhice/my-paprika-plant
virtual Gabbynhice author reward: 0.055 SBD, 0.105 STEEM and 300.256 VESTS for @gabbynhice/my-paprika-plant

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created by @roadscape