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53 transactions in this block, produced at 2018-07-19 02:00:33 (UTC)

f6c90f1f claim reward: 0.006 SP
a7128ad2 transfer 1.687 STEEM to Daily Earnings - 1.687 STEEM | Thank you!
d8935442 transfer 0.019 SBD to Daily Earnings - 0.019 SBD | Thank you!
f7d0ad0f transfer 0.009 SBD to #6Hrhm92E4nW857w4njooKzvF9G3KNMBcbAYwmVbHwZX5LNnquAbwKHi4uv7EmhjRe2iSMUH832xJWV7k2ZMdLippAE7Xpg3UqS4FnShsvXGwWhutRLj4GhsbuSNDvx7FSmdHvLD864Bfr2wR5fDXZwX8UKRhjUft59ZLoGm8pY4He
51269674 transfer 0.363 STEEM to #3ittqpSsxwYfzCXgff5UjU8ypfGyeK6md39yg1ThXFrcUF7VqDnfnmTLQyRsFTg2hhwgzRK55ThA5ukBRMVtx3muCSNzfFgAG8pDHb9upULu2R4xe7UhTFBW1D5V8h2K77UMqwNa8EkameLQWyoQqeXLiwNQM9VhiWwt7g8MVnJj6
318bcb6b transfer 0.308 SBD to Daily Earnings - 0.308 SBD | Thank you!
492a1781 transfer 0.001 STEEM to Daily Earnings - 0.001 STEEM | Thank you!
9ff91f8a transfer 0.092 STEEM to Thank you for delegating! Once a week your daily earnings include curation rewards giving you the very highest payout percentage out of any bid bot!
364de02c transfer 0.019 SBD to Daily Earnings - 0.019 SBD | Thank you!
7c4a2da2 transfer 0.016 SBD to We've upvoted your post with our highest possible values. Please try again later and take a look at for up-to-date available votes.
32c38e7e transfer 0.055 STEEM to Your Delegation To @Megabot Got You - 0.055 STEEM | Thank you!
b199503d withdraw 82.615 SP from vesting (show details)
vesting_shares166,181.054300 VESTS
df2fbd07 transfer 0.100 SBD to Gifting on DLive | 10 heart from to @teamsteem for 4b6aa650-8ae3-11e8-b2de-f7be8f055a16 (7eb115d0-8af7-11e8-9d4b-6d75cf1c08ea)
05b6ae3a claim reward: 0.285 STEEM, 0.250 SBD and 0.465 SP
51b85b9c transfer 15 SBD to GBYTE
437dcafc claim reward: 0.274 SP
9658a53d claim reward: 1.067 STEEM, 0.944 SBD and 1.746 SP

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2 virtual ops in this block.

virtual return of 0.250 SP delegation
virtual producer reward: 0.201 SP

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