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51 transactions in this block, produced at 2018-09-12 19:55:12 (UTC)

f6973614 feed price $0.690
1694425f transfer 0.001 STEEM to The current bidding round is full. Your bid has been submitted into the following round.
eb34c169 wants 12.213 SBD for 17.083 STEEM (show details)
amount_to_sell17.083 STEEM
min_to_receive12.213 SBD
expiration2035-10-29 06:32:22
f12fbdaa claim reward: 0.001 SP
c2944a83 transfer 0.001 STEEM to Thank you for promoting your post with me! If you enjoy the positive ROI of my service, please take 10 seconds and vote @brandonfrye for witness at
156bc54d cancel order #1000
c3cc4059 comment options: 100.0% SBD, allow votes: true, allow curation rewards: true
b9843b0c claim reward: 0.028 SP
07390d18 delegate 4.525 SP to
07390d18 delegate 4.928 SP to
378e302a cancel order #1536782070

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13 virtual ops in this block.

eb34c169 paid 2.351 STEEM for 1.685 SBD from happychau123
virtual paid 3 STEEM for 2.149 SBD from cardboardbox
virtual paid 11.732 STEEM for 8.387 SBD from teamsmooth-mm
virtual producer reward: 0.209 SP
virtual curation reward: 0.281 SP for @desuto/pengalamanmotivasibe…
virtual curation reward: 0.082 SP for @desuto/pengalamanmotivasibe…
virtual curation reward: 0.033 SP for @desuto/pengalamanmotivasibe…
virtual curation reward: 0.005 SP for @desuto/pengalamanmotivasibe…
virtual curation reward: 0.002 SP for @desuto/pengalamanmotivasibe…
virtual curation reward: 0.001 SP for @desuto/pengalamanmotivasibe…
virtual curation reward: 0.001 SP for @desuto/pengalamanmotivasibe…
virtual comment benefator reward: 0.193 SP for @desuto/pengalamanmotivasibesardipribadian…
virtual author reward: 0.544 STEEM and 0.548 SP for @desuto/pengalamanmotivasibesardipribadian…

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