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22 transactions in this block, produced at 2018-10-20 13:30:03 (UTC)

86d5f981 claim reward: 0.005 SP
79f38df8 transfer 0.400 SBD to
d30fb3fe authored a post: @vic12/scavo
9f747a44 transfer 0.001 SBD to Your bid is confirmed. You can also delegate us your Steem power to get 100% daily rewards. Thank you!
72979123 comment options: 100.0% SBD, allow votes: true, allow curation rewards: true

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9 virtual ops in this block.

virtual producer reward: 0.209 SP
virtual curation reward: 0.200 SP for @jaladin717/enjoy-morning-ai…
virtual curation reward: 0.199 SP for @jaladin717/enjoy-morning-ai…
virtual curation reward: 0.006 SP for @jaladin717/enjoy-morning-ai…
virtual curation reward: 0.002 SP for @jaladin717/enjoy-morning-ai…
virtual curation reward: 0.001 SP for @jaladin717/enjoy-morning-ai…
virtual comment benefator reward: 0.051 SBD and 0.065 SP for @jaladin717/enjoy-morning-air-through-my-r…
virtual author reward: 0.472 SBD and 0.585 SP for @jaladin717/enjoy-morning-air-through-my-r…
virtual withdraw 1.755 SP as 1.745 STEEM (show details)
withdrawn3,522.953783 VESTS
deposited1.745 STEEM

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