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23 transactions in this block, produced at 2019-01-11 20:44:12 (UTC)

c030e593 transfer 0.500 STEEM to over 49 vrfo26w2jv
3385ea20 transfer 7.800 STEEM to
853db254 Steem Monsters entered into match queue
641a37d6 Steem Monsters entered into match queue
383a9428 transfer 0.001 STEEM to You lost. Dice Roll: 37. Your prediction: over 48. MAGIC token reward: 25.8. Multiplier: 1.88. WinChance: 52%. {"betId":"5c390019968d9f4b8db83486","diceRoll":37,"refTransactionId":"0a23fa52f997520bd2f1a52ca37f336ac54a5f08","refBlockNumber":29371770,"serverSeedHash":"207932160a06045b8363ccd93f7cc71a2fde51a5e729aa462e610578dce28511","isValid":true}
02f79d05 transfer 1.540 STEEM to
3516e967 transfer 0.834 SBD to You have won 0.834 SBD. Dice Roll: 25. Your prediction: over 6. MAGIC token reward: 444.2. Multiplier: 1.04. WinChance: 94%. {"betId":"5c390019968d9f4b8db83487","diceRoll":25,"refTransactionId":"464f602349a831183ce896e0d5efa9f5dc1b3d57","refBlockNumber":29371770,"serverSeedHash":"207932160a06045b8363ccd93f7cc71a2fde51a5e729aa462e610578dce28511","isValid":true}
14a540d9 Steem Monsters submitted a team for battle
cbcb65d9 comment options: 100.0% SBD, allow votes: true, allow curation rewards: true

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virtual producer reward: 0.227 SP

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