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38 transactions in this block, produced at 2019-01-12 15:18:57 (UTC)

f22735a6 Steem Monsters submitted a team for battle
3335e619 claim reward: 0.338 STEEM, 0.001 SBD and 0.346 SP
91d6aeb6 transfer 11.275 STEEM to sm_market_purchase:bcd624b2ef0210cc634dce123c39c9e36b5da1d1-0,41c83611eeb951bfa35e5f79f4e5326cfd8f90df-8,7d2b77cb21bbe219b5640284ee4b861c7bf803e6-19
7fe7b53b Steem Monsters combine all cards
c00a3f13 transfer 0.200 STEEM to You have won 0.200 STEEM. Dice Roll: 38. Your prediction: under 50. MAGIC token reward: 20.0. Multiplier: 2.00. WinChance: 49%. {"betId":"5c3a055efa4a4d600a73c449","diceRoll":38,"refTransactionId":"81c9bb7e0d4e4c63e80ab42472dac2779e859d35","refBlockNumber":29394045,"serverSeedHash":"a742f65e851b098345f7f11dd5c4294c03077783a7d16cdb3392ae18ccb4a086","isValid":true}
37c5b98a transfer 0.001 STEEM to You lost. Dice Roll: 43. Your prediction: over 50. MAGIC token reward: 800.0. Multiplier: 1.96. WinChance: 50%. {"betId":"5c3a055efa4a4d600a73c44a","diceRoll":43,"refTransactionId":"ab2e120ea6048fd21402dd4231130997d8e8bdf4","refBlockNumber":29394045,"serverSeedHash":"a742f65e851b098345f7f11dd5c4294c03077783a7d16cdb3392ae18ccb4a086","isValid":true}
d7257e81 transfer 1 STEEM to under 36 9mhkkjjgev
b8894161 Steem Monsters combine all cards
fadb7192 delegate 248.727 SP to
4193f4f2 claim reward: 0.054 SP
b9bf89eb claim reward: 0.001 SP
c616d530 claim reward: 0.002 SP

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1 virtual op in this block.

virtual producer reward: 0.226 SP

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