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21 transactions in this block, produced at 2019-01-12 18:06:18 (UTC)

96f979ac transfer 0.001 SBD to Your bid is confirmed.(Max bid amount for curators: 1 SBD)- (COMMERCIAL USAGE - Max bid amount: 0.25 SBD, no more than 3 times per day)
42e8db1e Steem Monsters entered into match queue
b58b84af Steem Monsters combine all cards
797d49b4 claim reward: 0.043 SP
3c7cc8c2 Steem Monsters list cards for sale on the market
12576217 Steem Monsters entered into match queue
493a6c44 Steem Monsters submitted a team for battle
3ca95223 transfer 1 STEEM to under 95 bdk8880ij8
4027bfa5 feed price $0.264

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3 virtual ops in this block.

virtual producer reward: 0.226 SP
virtual curation reward: 0.005 SP for @peppermint24/re-cleverbot-r…
virtual author reward: 0.021 STEEM and 0.022 SP for @peppermint24/re-cleverbot-re-peppermint24…

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