Warning: Steem witnesses executed a hard fork on 2020-05-20, seizing 23.6M STEEM from 65 accounts. The funds were transferred to an account named @community321, the ownership (and intentions) of which have not been revealed. The witnesses claim to have been targeting accounts which defended against a hostile takeover in early March, but at least 2 accounts on the list have been inactive for over 4 years.

- Decrypt.io: Steem network to seize $5 million from its own users
- SteemPeak.com: Official Announcement by @softfork22888
- GitHub.com: view steemd HF23 changes

What you can do:
- Send exchanges a notice of the pending class action lawsuit.
- Switch to HIVE, the community-led fork. Visit Hive.blog and Hiveblocks.com.

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59 transactions in this block, produced at 2019-05-06 14:59:30 (UTC)

3fd3ec3e Splinterlands entered into match queue
ed0c96c7 claim reward: 1.424 SBD and 4.398 SP
65e7195d Splinterlands entered into match queue
822b6d5b Splinterlands revealed their cards for battle
fcd38481 transfer 0.178 STEEM to You have Won! Dice Rolled: 28. Your Prediction: Below 56. Multiplier: 1.78. Win Chance: 55% {"diceRolled": "28", "TransactionId": "6738beda8602c3c9f78c8f3d06045564963370fd", "BlockNumber": "32672855", "isValid": true}
c4347bdd Splinterlands submitted a team for battle
7dfa26a3 transfer 20.842 STEEM to You Won 20.842 STEEM. Bet Details:- Prediction: Under 96, Result: 46, Client Seed: 52b7f1a3beb32, Server Seed Hash: e4a2d02916bbebf4bf94de30e3952b5b56bb585674af96f54ea76e9a7262e61a
9dddbf1e transfer 0.100 STEEM to over 6 smonia
2ea0d301 Splinterlands submitted a team for battle
b15bb85a Splinterlands entered into match queue
31d3ffb7 transfer 0.200 STEEM to over 56 67dj7u5yft
19c6a7c5 transfer 0.111 SBD to
484a00cc Splinterlands submitted a team for battle
40b2c8d6 transfer 9.090 STEEM to You have Won! Dice Rolled: 68. Your Prediction: Below 70. Multiplier: 1.42. Win Chance: 69% {"diceRolled": "68", "TransactionId": "b16f3266bc850d18096405bfbaf506122ab9a89d", "BlockNumber": "32672855", "isValid": true}
83541f32 transfer 6.400 STEEM to Below 70
8296c894 Splinterlands submitted a team for battle
e45d9799 custom json
b66ee730 transfer 0.100 STEEM to under 17 t1d1ey8nxf
021e2e06 custom json
c3cf419a Splinterlands entered into match queue
317aa351 Splinterlands entered into match queue
c01dc9f4 transfer 20 STEEM to Roll under 96 52b7f1a3beb32
034008c7 Splinterlands submitted a team for battle
9c4646be transfer 0.500 STEEM to Congrats! You won! Thank you for participating in my challenge!
b2c8462f custom json
d823ae1f transfer 6.400 STEEM to under 45 Mc66j3YW2B

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