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29 transactions in this block, produced at 2019-05-16 12:38:15 (UTC)

7793848d transfer 0.100 STEEM to over 76 0oc7yz5o3p
e25898cf Steem Monsters entered into match queue
825f885f custom json
json"{"username": "fumegi", "amount": "100"}"
8d9e91c4 Steem Monsters combine cards
95337bbd transfer 1.325 STEEM to Your daily earnings just arrived. Enjoy and have a great day.
c9d47d32 transfer 9.608 STEEM to You have Won! Dice Rolled: 56. Your Prediction: Above 49. Multiplier: 1.92. Win Chance: 51% {"diceRolled": "56", "TransactionId": "ff3192adcb77ffeaf77ce9699ebe6f4282762310", "BlockNumber": "32957896", "betAmount": "5", "currency": "STEEM", "player": "xyzashu", "isValid": true}
757bd837 custom json
8c8ec997 transfer 0.685 STEEM to @tipU investor payout - check out for detailed info - thank you!
a9195532 claimed a discounted account
be9ec8ab transfer 0.300 SBD to under 34 rymmb4wdpm
9804b43c transfer 0.001 STEEM to You lost. Dice Roll: 95. Your prediction: under 53. MAGIC token reward: 138.8. Multiplier: 1.88. WinChance: 52%. {"betId":"5cdd59b42c6b60439b87377e","diceRoll":95,"refTransactionId":"8280db8c429c6aea78736b4b10c727ec9a73b179","refBlockNumber":32957897,"serverSeedHash":"1e90662a8098ce03011be99dce282dfa861a1dbda57e460bfb719e0852a21011","isValid":true}
e7e1e909 transfer 0.125 SBD to Your daily earnings just arrived. Enjoy and have a great day.
cfd5dd1e update account data (show details)
json_metadata"{"profile":{"cover_image":"","profile_image":"","name":"SirEdd","location":"Quezon City, Philippines"}}"
112b2e7f Steem Monsters submitted a team for battle
f8da7712 transfer 9.383 STEEM to You have won 9.383 STEEM. Dice Roll: 79. Your prediction: over 6. MAGIC token reward: 112.5. Multiplier: 1.04. WinChance: 94%. {"betId":"5cdd59b42c6b60439b87377d","diceRoll":79,"refTransactionId":"4531913df4ac434f088e8ad36e742d14d3ecf75d","refBlockNumber":32957897,"serverSeedHash":"1e90662a8098ce03011be99dce282dfa861a1dbda57e460bfb719e0852a21011","isValid":true}

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5 virtual ops in this block.

virtual producer reward: 0.228 SP
virtual curation reward: 0.001 SP for @cwaku/cwab26b8b84da
virtual comment benefactor reward: 0.002 SP for @cwaku/cwab26b8b84da
virtual comment benefactor reward: 0.001 SP for @cwaku/cwab26b8b84da
virtual author reward: 0.007 SBD and 0.023 SP for @cwaku/cwab26b8b84da

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