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31 transactions in this block, produced at 2019-05-19 19:55:33 (UTC)

94a95f3a transfer 0.001 STEEM to You Lost. Dice Rolled: 81. Your Prediction: Below 50. Multiplier: 2.0. Win Chance: 49% {"diceRolled": "81", "TransactionId": "6611ce6a1bbc015fdf286446bbe8e118a8a52791", "BlockNumber": "33052978", "betAmount": "0.374", "currency": "STEEM", "player": "hitmeasap", "isValid": true}
0fa5486a Steem Monsters submitted a team for battle
c47a8566 transfer 0.111 STEEM to under 68 mydicebotnlnl9rlati
238b17c2 transfer 1.042 STEEM to [STEEM-BET] You have won 1.042 STEEM. Your roll: under 95. Dice Roll: 88. Token reward: 50.000 SBT. {"betId":"306fe6388c1b8c4d665d2a3ed5dafb3090d00dee","payout":"1.042 STEEM","clientSeed":"k2H0sALbmvYuWRsEgz9vP","serverSeed":"0.c79dg5gcdf0j9","serverSeedHash":"f0b9016b24d77743e6c79e0408d369488e6c8c61e2ff3dd972ded31ebc3eac4d"}
b6b4fb4e transfer 4 STEEM to under 81 di65us73r2
bb23595b comment options: 100.0% SBD, allow votes: true, allow curation rewards: true
e7885bd1 transfer 0.008 STEEM to {"refTrxId":"306fe6388c1b8c4d665d2a3ed5dafb3090d00dee"}
8865bc91 transfer 0.001 STEEM to You have received 50.0 MAGIC tokens for your delegation.
f2108816 Steem Monsters remove cards listed for sale on the market
38a123d5 Steem Monsters revealed their cards for battle
f918e063 transfer 1.667 STEEM to renew 19062
2b1b0c09 custom json
e6adbb1d custom json
f4b6bcd7 transfer 1 STEEM to {"roll_under":95,"referral":"","seed":"k2H0sALbmvYuWRsEgz9vP"}
f06117de transfer 57.080 STEEM to under 76 mydicebot2h6vel3w6p2
bfb3f548 transfer 2 STEEM to Below 50
a5344211 Steem Monsters submitted a team for battle

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