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37 transactions in this block, produced at 2019-05-21 23:39:33 (UTC)

81aa0d25 Steem Monsters submitted a team for battle
53a64380 Steem Monsters entered into match queue
92c852ae Steem Monsters submitted a team for battle
0e34a7f3 Steem Monsters submitted a team for battle
f82a1602 transfer 0.100 STEEM to over 50 jamxqos9a9
58793316 custom json
e41359dd transfer 20.204 STEEM to You Won 20.204 STEEM. Bet Details:- Prediction: Under 50, Result: 29, Client Seed: 47efcf93dc096, Server Seed Hash: 364a2be492202537e00ee5d8dcafbfc7f20382c513e0f3a39ddfd2cf3f187bf1
6e28f4d2 Steem Monsters submitted a team for battle
cd73eff7 transfer 0.100 STEEM to under 71 EiqZVc0WTd
054277a4 Steem Monsters list cards for sale on the market
12c773c4 transfer 14 STEEM to You have won 14.000 STEEM. Dice Roll: 99. Your prediction: over 65. MAGIC token reward: 62.5. Multiplier: 2.80. WinChance: 35%. {"betId":"5ce48c326cc15e63fd04bad3","diceRoll":99,"refTransactionId":"47043efcb28bc6994a73021d866583d709fc2488","refBlockNumber":33115020,"serverSeedHash":"65d95ca74e49aa556e2343c69d7b472b125c5a1ade0af0800e409665847fde19","isValid":true}
575a9da1 transfer 10 STEEM to Roll under 50 47efcf93dc096
76b49edf Steem Monsters cancelled a match
47a63964 claimed a discounted account

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3 virtual ops in this block.

virtual producer reward: 0.227 SP
virtual author reward: 0.015 SBD and 0.042 SP for @drope96/re-papa-pepper-our-little-farmboy…

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