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미분류 Things to do once in a lifetime
탐구 ・ 1시간 전 URL 복사 이웃추가 본문 기타 기능 번역보기 Yesterday, I wrote the first draft of my bucket list. It was the topic Handal suggested that brought me to a matter of making it in the first place, so I'll rewrite part of the list in English. (I decided to keep most of the list to myself because I worry that I would embarrass myself for some reason)
1. Writing and Finishing a novel
It doesn't have to be a novel, actually. It can be a comic or a picture book, since I love those, too. In my whole life, I've been reading various kinds of stories from books and the internet. But rarely I wrote something. Even if I tried I'd never finished them. I want to have a story that is complete and my own.
2. Going on a Luxury family travel
When I was young, my family didn't travel much. Both of my parents were busy with everything. Then, my brothers and I got busy with schools and all. Now, all the family members live apart(except my parents). We did go on a vacation together this summer and enjoyed it. But, I want to try new things with my family. For now, the plan is not that specific. I'll have to do some thinking.
3. Living abroad(for a year, at least)
So far, I've lived in three cities which are all located in Korea. I have no experience of living abroad. People say there are many reasons why you should live abroad at least once in a lifetime. It will teach you life lessons and broaden your perspective, You will gain confidence... I want to try it and see for myself if they're true.
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