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Exchange and purchase cryptocurrency with KIMEX on the most favorable conditions! by bonanza-kreep

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Exchange and purchase cryptocurrency with KIMEX on the most favorable conditions!

<p>KIMEX project is a scalable ecosystem which is aimed at creating a unified crypto exchange with attractive conditions for all categories of users. Currently, the market for brokerage companies is developing rapidly. However, the number of reliable partners among them is still small. Traders fear for investing large funds in the work of brokerage companies due to the lack of guarantees of the return of at least initial investments. KIMEX platform completely changes the approach to the organization of work in this market and offers its users a high level of service combined with safe work on the platform. The work of the project is transparent and is carried out directly by the project users, but not by the governing structures. KIMEX is changing the standard approach to trading digital assets, allowing them to maximize profits.</p>


<p><h2>Key features of KIMEX</h2></p>
<p>The binary options market has billions of participants. KIMEX allows market participants to earn honestly and openly thanks to the transparent operation of the platform. All completed transactions are stored in a single order book where data cannot be changed. Price speculation becomes impossible due to the use of decentralized work of the project, and participants receive guaranteed payments from trading operations.</p>

<p><h2>Advantages of KIMEX</h2></p>
<p>KIMEX platform is based on blockchain technology, which has already established itself as a reliable system for storing user data and its assets. A high level of protection against fraudsters and high speed of work position KIMEX platform as a reliable partner in conducting trading operations.</p>


<p>To start work on the project, it is necessary to go through KYC registration. Each member is thoroughly checked to ensure that other users are protected from spam and fraudsters. A reliable cryptocurrency wallet has a dual protection system as it uses a private and public key during its generation, as well as encryption technology.</p>
<p>KIMEX offers a modern alternative to trading in assets with value expressed in cryptocurrency. The level of payments on the project reaches 85%, which is one of the best offers of the current binary options market. Calculations on the project are carried out with the use of smart contracts, which make high speed of operations, low transaction costs due to work on P2P technology real.</p>


<p>KIMEX platform easily adapts to various types of devices, and due to the constant work of programmers on the technical development of the project, KIMEX is compatible with the latest market innovations. Currently, you can work on the project in the web version and using a mobile application available for Android and iOS. KIMEX offers its users high-speed online operations, the ability to get the latest news from the cryptocurrency market, as well as a large selection of cryptocurrency for conducting transactions. KIMEX also plans to launch a promising listing on other projects in the near future.</p>

<p><h2>KIMEX cryptocurrency</h2></p>
<p>KMH tokens are used to perform calculations within the project. They are based on the Ethereum with compliance with the ERC-20 standard. A total of 150 million tokens were allocated for sale, that is 60% of the total issue. The main stage of the project’s sales started on October 3. The minimum purchase amount is 0.01 ETH. Cryptocurrency can only be purchased using ETH. The fixed price of tokens is calculated as 6,000 KMH per 1 ETH.</p>


<p>Thus, KIMEX platform is a new modern resource for trading binary options. KIMEX allows trading on favorable terms with a high level of security and safety of funds. Thanks to a comfortable interface and a high level of adaptation to various devices, working at KIMEX will allow a trader to earn extra income without any additional effort.</p>
<p>The project was launched at the beginning of the current year. In early October, the beta version of the platform was presented, which was successfully tested. Next year, the project's creators plan to launch trading in binary options on the blockchain platform with the gradual launch of the domestic foreign exchange market and KIMEX cryptocurrency wallet. In 2020, the entire functionality of the project will be implemented, accompanied by the opening of an office in Singapore and the launch of a mobile application.</p>


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This review by Bonanza Kreep is all opinion and analysis, not investment advice.</p>

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